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This would also work great for HiFiMan's HE-6, so you might want to mention that in the post.
I'm definitely interested. Let me know if the other buyer bows out. Thanks.
How about a left field suggestion that isn't an IEM? I'd recommend the Sony PFRV1. This contraption presents a fantastic soundstage that is particularly suited for movies. Not much bass and little isolation but very fun. Current prices are a bit steep though.
Be patient. Prices continually fluctuate. Think of it like car shopping. If you lock onto one model, the dealer will screw you. Have four or five options. It's easy to buy a great pair of headphones, but so much more satisfying when they are purchased for a great price. Open box items from reputable dealers are a good option
This was my first meet and I have to say my brain was energized. Good conversation about music (and the technology that assists in producing music) will always make the synapses fire like a teenage Somalian with his first AK-47. Easy now, it was just a joke. A big shout out to Westone for being gracious hosts. Praise be to Allah. Thank you, Harley for spending the time and effort organizing this Chimerian beast of communal solitude. Bought new music and now must listen....
We appreciate your sentiments and effort but let this event sink or swim without you. We're big girls and boys.
That guy is an awesome technician, I'll have to look into more of his stuff and see whether his heart matches his hands. Thanks for the link.
Look into your heart.  Sounds corny, huh? Do you really want a portable amp or do you just want a toy -- something new to learn about and experience? Or are you concerned you won't be squeezing every last tingling shiver from your Etys? Do you really want to lug around another hunk of metal and plastic that has to be recharged?   Hey, I've bought crap just 'cause I can or 'cause I was curious, not because I needed it or even wanted it. We've all done it or will do...
It's kind of nice to have the wife out of town -- no negotiating to attend. As a satisfied new owner of the #4, I'll be very interested in learning more about its design. Thanks.
It's not that fun and balanced are mutually exclusive... it just seems from reading this site that most highly respected balanced IEMs are not described as fun and vice versa. Although BAs seem more likely candidates than dynamics.
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