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I would consider buying a separate amp just to try one out, but I don't think it would be necessary since my headphones all have such low impedance. The NFB-12 is more than powerful enough for me, but I don't know how it stacks up to the NFB-11 
I have one of the first NFB-12's that were shipped, i.e. before any of the tweaks or additions of filters. It has served me well and continues to perform dutifully with my Ultrasones Pro 900's. I'm curious what's the next step up, in terms of performance and quality. Since I have been so satisfied with my combo for the last couple years, I feel like I've fallen behind on what's all out there, and what's a good deal vs what's not. I'm also unsure if it would be wise to look...
To make a long story short, my M50's were worn to a point that needed repair on one side. I got some parts from Audio Technica (mega props to them for mailing them at no cost), and made the repairs. Everything was good for a short while, but the wires in the left cup detached from their solder points--I know this is a result of my novice [and admittedly shoddy] soldering skills, plus the fact that I was dealing with tools that were in no way meant to be used on small...
For years I lurked this thread, just waiting for my chance to participate. Finally, I bought a pair from another Head-Fi'er, and cannot begin to describe my elation. I admit, my anticipation probably overrode any chance for disappointment, but I'm okay with that. 
  I was hoping to get some thoughts on headphones that don't require an amp, since I'm not willing to use a portable one, and don't have a means of easily travelling with a regular desktop amp/dac.   So far I'm weighing the options between the Beyer One Pro, V-Moda M100, the Ultrasones (if I can catch them on sale again), or the Monster Turbine Pro's, if all else fails.
My budget is pretty flexible, but I guess I'd put a hard cap around $300. Sorry for not mentioning that sooner
I'm curious if anyone has thoughts to offer on the Beyer Custom One Pro? Its hard to dig up too much info because they're pretty new.   I've also seen a few suggestions for Monster Turbine Pro's, but having only use over-ear phones, I'm cautious about switching to IEMs.   I'd prefer a set that doesn't need an amp, since I will only rarely be around mine.
It's been a looong, looong time since I've posted anywhere, because up until very recently I was 110% satisfied with my ATH M50's. But recently a hinge broke on one of the phones, and I'd like to re-explore upgrading. I had thought about buying more cans a while ago, and had settled on either a set of Ultrasone Pro 900's, or Beyer DT880's for various reasons. That never actually came to fruition, so I'm curious if there's been any new favorites popping up, or...
I'm curious what you guys think the first-run 12's are worth now; I've yet to be disappointed with mine, but I honestly don't know how much these filters change the overall sound. Now that money's tight I'm considering selling mine, but I have no idea what a fair price would be, now there are models with more filter options.
I'll be among those eagerly waiting your initial and post-burn-in impressions, as I too am using a NFB-12, and have been highly considering the DT880. Best of luck!
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