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considering i want to get Beyer headphones,which should i get for better overall soundT 250 80 OHM,DT 990pro,DT 931. obs.rice doesn't really matter,since there are all similar priced.
do the alessandro MS-1 have the same bass as the SR 325?
is it true that they lack in the midrange area?what other phone (similar priced)could i get for a better sound quallity?
i was really almost considering the :ATH-M40fs's since there $20 less than the sony(it's actually the MDR 7506) at zzsounds. Im suprised that most of you have not listened to these before. Maybe it's because the sony's are really one of a kind.
im looking for closed style headphones that have a good bass response,nice treble amd midrange.Read all the posts on how the sony v6 sounds so good.but i found a review on hifi choice that described these ATHD40( not the flat version) in a way that reminded me alot of the sony v6.Which should i choose for the best possible sound?are the audio technica better in any way?
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