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Which is more comfortable for long time studio recording sessions.Which of the two has a better sound for all types of music.which has better isoltion.
come on people ,the 770pro's,what about them?!
yeah but what of the 770pro's. Are they a step up from the DT250?
Which of the three phones are the best closed style phone:the beyer DT250,the beyer 770pro or the sony mdr7506 for sound quality?this will probably be my last post,cause a friend that lives in Florida is coming to Brazil(where i live) in august.So i have to decide quick.please help.
im just starting to read it.Looks great.
Could any of you please write a full review of the sony v6 just for reference.Things like: how it images in comparison to denon or grado,if its dull sounding or inspiring. ,if it sounds good for 3D gaming etc...
Gluegun,you're right about that review.There shoud be a point of reference to answering our questions.Wonder if someone is already writing one right now...
mbriant,do they image as good as grado?
which portable CDplayer has the best anti-skip tecnology? i need one for jogging.
How good is the Denon AHD-750? better than gradoSR80?
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