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The Seekers - Georgy Girl
Thanks for the reply. Any more comment about the sound? Neutral and soundstage being record dependent is rather vague.. What's neutrality seem to be under evolution in headphones and depending from person to person. I would personally not categorize any Etymotic as sounding neutral even though I heard them being described in those terms. How is clarity and detail extraction? Bass extension and impact? Any harshness? Maybe a comparison to other in-ears would bring more...
I couldn't care less about a picture to prove he really have the phone. I want some reports on the signature, soundstage, quality of sound and construction, microphonics, isolation and comfort.  Saying they sound epic is not good enough. Very tempted to pull the trigger. Maybe they will be better than the IE800 for less money. Let's hope. At least the spare tips won't be 60 dollars a pair.
The length of the cable from splitter to in-ear is perfect for an around the ear fit for me when the cinch is fully out. Do you guys have huge melons by any chance?
Anyone who can compare this gadget with software like Isone, SHEPPi, J Rivers soundstage enhancer, Dolby, some other crossfeed etc? 119 dollar is not much compared to some of the other gear I have, but if it's inferior to the cheaper software I see no point.
Reading peoples list really show you how subjective headphone comfort is. I guess head shape, ear size and shape, sensitivity to clamp and weight do a lot to explain the disparities.   I had to think about this for a second but here is my top 5 list. 1. Well used HD555 2. MA900 3. Stretched out HD598 4. Well used HD600 5. QC15   Headphones like HD800, HD700, all kinds of Beyers, PX100, D5000/D7000, Mad Dog, 1R, K550 and I'm sure I'm missing a few here are...
Sennheiser don't isolate much at all and the EPH-100 isolate quite well. In a loud environment the EPH-100 will sound better. If you listen to metal, synth, fast electronic music, new wave and classical get the FXD70 instead. Better sound and better isolating with these foam tips.
I have the most expensive of the microdrivers(I think?), the Sennheiser IE800. Makes the EPH-100 sound straight up fake.   If you should try another microdriver try out the JVC FXD70. IMO better sounding than FXD80 and EPH-100. The cable and strain reliefs are also much better on the FXDs. There are some inconsistencies regarding the FXDs though that's a bit worrying. I have had 3 pair from the FXD line and no one have had driver flex or driver failure, but I heard...
I just saw the portable headphone version of this and it looks interesting indeed. Maybe start a new thread here. Here is the video.
More value in buying a better headphone IMO.
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