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I have the most expensive of the microdrivers(I think?), the Sennheiser IE800. Makes the EPH-100 sound straight up fake.   If you should try another microdriver try out the JVC FXD70. IMO better sounding than FXD80 and EPH-100. The cable and strain reliefs are also much better on the FXDs. There are some inconsistencies regarding the FXDs though that's a bit worrying. I have had 3 pair from the FXD line and no one have had driver flex or driver failure, but I heard...
I just saw the portable headphone version of this and it looks interesting indeed. Maybe start a new thread here. Here is the video.
More value in buying a better headphone IMO.
They are the same tips as these.   They are the best tips I've tried. Comply foam tips are great as well but breaks down too fast and cost too much.
You don't have to bump by writing bump. There is a bump listing on top.
Fantastic to hear.Why was he banned?
With Inks banned here what is happening to the tour?
Been listening to the Vali mostly with HD800 and I agree that this is a great combo. Not the final say in resolution, soundstage size and holographic imaging or the type of tube euphony I feel the HD800 benefits from but I'm mighty impressed for what I paid. It has a really nice quality of being smooth enough without masking too much of the HD800s capabilities. Concero HD + Vali + HD800 + TB Isone and bass EQ = Total Eargasm Need to listen a bit more with the LCD-3. And...
Anyone who tried the IE800 with this and can report back to me?
Now every time I click more I get redirected to the top of the page instead of expanding subscriptions.
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