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This is the problem with head-fi.32% of the content on this site is about eating cake, 10% is about what you did during the day, 30% is about hyping a headphone you never heard, 9% is about making jokes that don't make any sense, 0,9% is about complaining about shipping and finally if you look in some threads 0,1% is about talking about how gear sound.The missing 18% is deleted by moderators.
I have a few of these monster receivers but the somewhat 'lowly' Yamaha CR-620 play extraordinarily well with the HD800. Super clear, precise and natural without a hint of harshness. Great tip for someone who don't want to pay an arm an a leg for a HD800 amp. I am using EQ and TB Isone as well however which really transform these headphones to make it the best headphone experience I had in a long a*s time. If you have the HD800 you need to try TB Isone.
I'm not so sure R&D will give closed back an edge over open back when it comes to sound alone.  The really good closed backs like R10 and LCD-XC sound open but can they ever sound as open as a HD800? And unless you want to use some smart DSP the cup size need to be on the larger side, so not really something everybody would want to walk around with.I'm also interested in how much potential in-ears have looking 20 years in the future. Having the drivers so close to the ear...
Indeed you might be right. Open dynamic drivers have a technical limitation of not being able to produce linear deep bass like orthos and stats. Nothing a little EQ can't fix though. I suspect there is where the real future lies. The combination of corrective software and light easy to drive/wireless headphones....
 Planars can be made much lighter and more efficient than today. The T50RP is 330 grams and if Sennheiser really put some effort with new lightweight materials and drivers with a slender design (looking at you MA900) I have no doubt they could make a planar at 250g. Perhaps even under 200 some day with some new lightweight type of driver. Planars obviously need to get higher sensitive in order to be ultimate with any weak source. The LCD-X is 22 ohm and 96 dB so already...
I have found "Rhythm Is A Dancer" to be the perfect song when calibrating Isone. Not kidding.
 That is another way of saying I will buy these.
I find the RE-400/600 to be the V-Moda M-80 version of an in-ear. Not the most exciting sound with it's mid-centric qualities and way too polite treble. Maybe it's a sound that works with specific genres like Asian style vocal music(I don't listen to that stuff so maybe someone will correct me here)  but for pop, rock, classical and all-round it doesn't work for me. No real sense of power. The RE262 was an even bigger disappointment for me. Dull sound + painful vacuum...
[[SPOILER]]  Here are my honest impressions.Thank you james444 for the loaner. This is what a headphone community is all about. I will probably repay the favour some day.
Still don't understand who you don't want to use a miniature DAC/Amp for your already easy to drive LCD-XC. TH900 will not really be an upgrade to the XC in SQ. It will be a lot lighter and comfortable though.
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