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 Check out the Isone thread instead.http://www.head-fi.org/t/473885/isone-pro-the-best-thing-you-could-ever-get-for-your-headphones-on-your-computer
They say that an expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. Def not an expert yet but a few bad apples have passed me by. I've had a few vintage cans over the years that more belonged in the junk yard than on my head, but my expectations were so low so they weren't much of a disappointment so doesn't count.   Denon D5000 was a big disappointments. Gorgeous looking but that harsh etchy treble really killed me in the end....
We really need to add a new category to the soundstage club. Software! I can't listen to headphones anymore without DSP that gives you a larger, more layered and holographic soundstage. It have transformed my entire headphones experience with the HD800 particularly. TB Isone don't work well with all headphones but it's a match made in heaven with the HD800 and also work really well with HD598 and a few other. When I'm in the mood I also add some 'environment' and...
I have a thing for the Setton RS-660 and Pioneer QX9900.
Nothing 30 seconds worth of EQ can't fix. Boost bass from 20 Hz to 100 Hz and reduce the 6K peak. If you have an amp that can put out some real power and have a clear but smooth treble the HD800 can now produce amazing punchy and physical bass and a treble that don't bother you unless the source material really stinks.After trying out a bunch of good DACs they really provide minuscule benefit between each other compared to a program like TB Isone that takes the HD800 to...
We just went up to 33%.
How can you have missed the cake content?! This is just from one thread and small selection of the cake content. Follow the comments...
This is the problem with head-fi.32% of the content on this site is about eating cake, 10% is about what you did during the day, 30% is about hyping a headphone you never heard, 9% is about making jokes that don't make any sense, 0,9% is about complaining about shipping and finally if you look in some threads 0,1% is about talking about how gear sound.The missing 18% is deleted by moderators.
I have a few of these monster receivers but the somewhat 'lowly' Yamaha CR-620 play extraordinarily well with the HD800. Super clear, precise and natural without a hint of harshness. Great tip for someone who don't want to pay an arm an a leg for a HD800 amp. I am using EQ and TB Isone as well however which really transform these headphones to make it the best headphone experience I had in a long a*s time. If you have the HD800 you need to try TB Isone.
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