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I would love to try this program with TakeT. I have a feeling they could be a match made in heaven just like with the HD800.
Great feedback. It's not that it's soft like it has little impact like it can be with some tube amps, it's more of a boomy quality. Still I prefer slightly boomy and authoritarian than light and limp. I want to feel the power of a 18th century organ playing Xerxes by Handel than just only hearing it. 
JVC FXD70 is the best I've heard at imaging under 100. Better than RE-400 for sure. It has this razor sharpness to it sound not many cheap in-ears have.
Anyone know if it's possible to Isone with a smart phone?
 I never could get Isone to sound right with any Audeze, unless I put distance at 0 and used it more as a crossfeed. It just messed up tonality too much and degraded the sound for some reason.The HD800 is another story. I can't even imagining listening to the HD800 ever again without this program.
That is strange.The result I have with the HD800 is so much better than any other headphone I almost think he had to be using the HD800 when developing the program.
I would love the day the Clip+ managed 50 hours straight.
By comparison I know vintage orthodynamic cans as light as 210g. In the future I would like to see orthos that can disappear on the head. A headphone under 250g.
The T50RP is 58 grams lighter.
How many Spritzer built KGSSHV and GS-X MKII are there?
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