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 I never could get Isone to sound right with any Audeze, unless I put distance at 0 and used it more as a crossfeed. It just messed up tonality too much and degraded the sound for some reason.The HD800 is another story. I can't even imagining listening to the HD800 ever again without this program.
That is strange.The result I have with the HD800 is so much better than any other headphone I almost think he had to be using the HD800 when developing the program.
I would love the day the Clip+ managed 50 hours straight.
By comparison I know vintage orthodynamic cans as light as 210g. In the future I would like to see orthos that can disappear on the head. A headphone under 250g.
The T50RP is 58 grams lighter.
How many Spritzer built KGSSHV and GS-X MKII are there?
 I use J River. VERY easy to set up Isone unlike many other programs. You go to the DSP Studio and manage plug-ins and add the dll file and that's it.Isone and HD800 seem to be made for each other. It doesn't sound nearly as good with the Audezes.
I have tried a few of amps with the HD800, some expensive like Leben and DNA Audio, some less expensive like Vali, but the 35 watt Yamaha CR-620 from the late 70s is good enough to possibly be the one I settles with. Natural, powerful smooth sound with good clarity and soundstaging. The only thing is the bass. It has great analogue and slamming qualities but is a bit boomy. If you have the HD800 the program TB Isone will take them to a whole new level of soundstaging and...
 Check out the Isone thread instead.http://www.head-fi.org/t/473885/isone-pro-the-best-thing-you-could-ever-get-for-your-headphones-on-your-computer
They say that an expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. Def not an expert yet but a few bad apples have passed me by. I've had a few vintage cans over the years that more belonged in the junk yard than on my head, but my expectations were so low so they weren't much of a disappointment so doesn't count.   Denon D5000 was a big disappointments. Gorgeous looking but that harsh etchy treble really killed me in the end....
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