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I'm interested in the offering and future offerings of Dynamic Motion. They seem to be extremely obscure here on head-fi. Anyone who listened to a pair?   http://en.goldenears.net/index.php?mid=GR_Earphones&document_srl=57025 Pretty good for such a cheap phone. Makes me curious how their better stuff sound.   
I usually don't post here but one album is almost a must for headphones listeners, especially if you have a headphone capable of great soundstage.     This is how a demo CD for headphones should sound like. This album + HD800 + TB Isone is an experience.
 I have rather small sized ear canals as well and the comfort goes up by a large margin using foam tips with these. These cheap foam tips do the trick but if you are using the smallest tips (you can buy only the small as well or say that you want 2 small 1 medium) you might want to roll thin strips of tape around the nozzle so the tips won't get stuck in your ear! These foam tips almost disappear in my ears, I get fantastic isolation and very important for me I don't get...
Some oldskool headphone listening from Japan.
I've had two pairs of FXD70 and they are very close in sound to the FXD80. The bass on the FXD70 had a little more impact and the sound was more coherent, with the FXD80 having more air in the treble.  I have noticed a difference in sound quality between the two FXD70. One sound a bit more grainy in the treble with a smaller soundstage. One theory besides 'burn in' and product variance would be earwax getting in the nozzle filter and acting as another filter. The FXDs...
 If you heard of Vaseline you know about petroleum jelly. Or scented petroleum jelly.. Oops second of the ball there. My bad.
 Not at all. They are just like new, but I'm very careful with my expensive stuff. Personally I feel they where designed for an over the ear fit. The distance between the splitter and the earphones are perfect for an over-ear fit for example. At least in my case.
No one with a pair of Dita who can share their thoughts?
I would love to try this program with TakeT. I have a feeling they could be a match made in heaven just like with the HD800.
Great feedback. It's not that it's soft like it has little impact like it can be with some tube amps, it's more of a boomy quality. Still I prefer slightly boomy and authoritarian than light and limp. I want to feel the power of a 18th century organ playing Xerxes by Handel than just only hearing it. 
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