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 I have two pair of the FXD70 and neither sound like that at all. If I had a few words to describe them it would be: lively, super clear, detailed, fast, open sounding. Even in a direct comparison to the Sennheiser IE800 or CK100PRO it doesn't make a fool out of themselves, except when it comes to bass compared to IE800. I would say the FXD70 have better treble timbre than the IE800 and I take the FXD70 as an allrounder over CK100PRO even though the 100PRO is technically...
 You need to try HD800 with TB Isone...
The X1 had inferior soundstage size and imaging to the HD598.
Here they are in their full glory. I was obsessed with these headphones before I was obsessed with the sound of headphones. 
Where was that $2600?
 Great price. That makes me think there should be a second hand SR-009 in Japan for roughly 2500. How do the second hand market in Japan look for these items? Any interesting forums? Do you have to know someone in Japan to make it happen? 
What's the cheapest you guys have seen a used SR-009 sell for? (Japan and Korea included) I'm having a big itch. 
 If you get the PRIR perfect and calibrated with a world class calibrated listening room the headphones literally melt away on your head and you are hearing a world class speaker system not the headphones on your head. It's pretty amazing what that box can do. If you don't get it setup right it can sound dodgy. Mic placement in the ear is crucial. No comparison at all to dolby. The only thing I've tried that is any good in comparison is TB Isone, at least with HD800.
We all have different preferences. What kind of setup was it calibrated to and in what way was it only "interesting"? 
Before you have heard a good headphone through a properly calibrated Smyth Realiser I doubt you know what Nirvana through a headphone is, and I don't care if you have a SR-009 driven by a T2 or an Abyss driven by a LAu, unless you prefer the more between your ear type sound found in headphone as a result of their limitations. It's a total game changer compared to the minute differences between a good amp and a brilliant amp.   
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