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If anyone is interested in transforming these to something drastically better soundwise take a look at what Dirac's DSP does with these earphones.
    No offense, but why would you want to spend all that money on cables that make the tiniest of change in the sound if any, when you could spend that money on a better/different DAC instead? You might even with the slightest use of EQ get the same thing or try modding the HD800.
    I really believe you would be more happy with the DT 770 Pro Limited Edition with the type of music you are listening to. It's an "audiophile" version of the COP and have about the same sound sig with some nice fullness, slight warmth, no grain and lots of smoothness and detail. The COP is a really fun headphone for electronic and urban music IMO. The LE needs some bass reduction EQ but the soundstage and 3D presentation is pretty amazing for a closed headphone.
I was thinking DNA Stratus and the Super 7.   How much is that Liquid Glass gonna be?
Just an amazing product! I'm sure there are a few people who get turned on by laying in coffins so there should at least be one who also is an audiophile.   There should be a change in the title so we can bring all silly and hilarious audiophile gear into one thread!
The HD800 sound sterile and utterly boring with the O2.
  I'm thinking maybe a Violectric V200 for SS. I have not listened to it but the Eddie Current Super 7 might be interesting to look into if you have the cash. Not sure how it works with low impedance Grados.   The best amp I heard with all these headphones is the Leben CS300 but that is some serious cash.
  Well I'm not sure the O2 is known for it's warmth. It's known for being totally flat, "sterile" and a bad match with the HD650. With an amp like the Bottlehead Crack you don't need EQ for the HD650 to get soundstage and not being shrill. This is exactly why EQ is so good and important if you have gear like the O2-HD650.  I'm also confident you can get all that tube magic in the future with the use of DSP if you so choose. Maybe it's already exist and I'm just not...
  On the 1.5 setting the bass quantity is pretty much equal with the M50 but the COP still have more bass impact. Go up on the 3 setting and the bass impact destroys the M50, and it's still sound good for normal listening. The 4th setting is if you are a basshead. I think you will be more happy with the COP for sure.
  I like a skeptic mind but I also like a inquisitive one. If you are talking about my appeal to authority fallacy, you are making an argument out of ignorance fallacy. There is information available that explains how this DSP works and if you have further questions send them a mail. I'm not a software developer so I only have a rudimentary knowledge what it does.
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