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  I find it a sad phenomena when music lovers becomes audiophiles and instead of listening to good music mostly listen to bad well recorded music just because of how revealing their gear is. I have seen this happen again and again and I've noticed the same symptoms with me to some degree. The more gear centric people get the less music centric I've seen them become. When I see someone listen to Diana Krall I know that person have lost all sense of what music is all...
I have the S500 and the FXD70 /  80 and I feel the opposite as the FXD70 is superior in sound quality to the S500 according to my ears. FXD70 is also better than the 80 with a more focused sound and less defused sound. I do however use software to make the in-ear have a better sense of space and out of head experience.   The difference is pretty minor though and I would be very surprised if these two didn't share the same drivers and the only different being that the...
The GR06 lacks clarity and sounds pretty muffled without EQ to the treble. With some extra treble they sound much more balanced and hifi without becoming harsh. There is a EQ program called TB EZQ that I feel almost where made for this in-ear. You can't believe how much better the GR06 sounds with this software correcting the unrefinement of the mids and treble perfectly. Normal EQ works pretty good but this is something different
    Every time I listen to the M1 HPA and compare it to other amps in audio stores I get the same feeling you have with the HD650. To my ears it's a very diffuse and foggy sounding amp and the combination with the perhaps HD650 doesn't help. 
The number I have seen being thrown around is 0.001-0.1 dB for cables but I haven't seen any data to back this up.
Pretty brilliant if you ask me. I admire people who can express them self in that poetic circle around the topic way and still manage to be very much on point and get the criticism through.
I have found the right place... If I hear Diana Krall on one more hifi setup I will go Michael Douglas in Falling Down! This type of boring audiophile elevator music is the antitheses of what music is about. Music is the suppose to convey emotions. This sleepy jazz nonsense on the other hand to me just convey that feeling of nothing or sometimes when you have after you've eaten too much of good food and wished you had stopped 10 minutes earlier, before you where too...
  Common now. How much does a cable do for the frequency response when measuring a headphones? Perhaps 0.2 dB tops. Not saying there can't be an audible difference but when measuring the difference is minimal. I'm open for someone to prove me wrong though and show me me data to the contrary.
  Graphs and real life listening experience are two different domains in my experience. You need other types of measurements also. I have listened to headphones that by the graph should be bass heavy/light or harsher in the treble that in reality where neither.
I have a FXZ100 I'm selling.
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