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  Didn't know Tyll Hertsens was the AKG headphone designer.  That guy have a serious melon.   Even though I got a perfect seal, they really fitted my head and ears perfectly, they sounded meh to me. The highs where a bit to unrefined. They had an overall thin-ness to them which comes from the decay and tonality. I say the sounded a bit AKG-ish simply put. 
Over the ear. Over the ear reversed.. Not seem to the trick at all. What works better are longer tips, but still not really good.
Maybe I can slow the insane hype train on speed and crack a few km/h by saying I'm somewhat disappointed with the FXZ100.   Had them for about 2 weeks now and these do not fit my ears. The seal is a bit hard to obtain and once you get their the comfort is not the best, but absolutely not the worst either. They are just too bulky and the placement of the strain reliefs are horrible making them really hard to push in.   I have to rotate the in-ears so the strain...
  Can that speaker give you more "eargasm" than say a LCD-3?
  I don't agree with their assessment of the COP. The bass is not dry and fast like a higher end Beyer, but I never felt they where muddy. If the bass ports where all the way up they where muddy, but that s only for serious bass heads. This was maybe the first really "fun sounding" Beyer and I have listened to almost everything in the Beyer lineup from the DT770 Pro 80 to the T1. I feel they got the tonality and smoothness right with this one, but this is not an...
  I likes the T70s resolution and open sound too but with an honest higher end SS amp I tried it with it was totally anemic and unsuitable to enjoy music with. Like it was created for the purpose of listen to different sounds in a song really carefully. No "soul" so to speak even worse than a HD800. The T90 with a good tube amp sounds like a better idea. Cant wait to try it out. Thomann have a good price for these at 500 euro. Anyone cheaper in the EU?   
Yes the Downtown have good comfort as well as isolation. Not many on-ears have both these features. Some Bose headphones and B&W P5 (the most elegant portable headphone ever made IMO).
I didn't see it on the Bottlehead site so I assumed it was out of production. There should be some already made you could buy however.
Fantastic job here!   Can anyone tell me the difference between the Smack and the S.E.X. amp in signature, coloration, soundstage, imaging and headphone compatibility/synergy? Any feedback would be nice.
The K550 is a really classy looking and beautifully made and really comfortable headphone. A headphone that is designed for the 40+ crowd. Sound wise I feel they are lacking. A bit thin sounding and some weird spikes in the upper mids or treble making them a bit fatiguing for long time listening. M50 is a better sounding headphone even though that headphone have it shares of flaws too. A really cool looking (a bit hipstery) headphone is the Beyerdynamic Custom One...
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