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  I believe it was Marantz SA-KI Pearl Lite into a Musical Fidelity V-CAN II as well as directly out of a Clip. Of course big jump in sound when switching to the CD player amp combo. Not sure what filter was being used, but probably stock.   Not saying I think the FXD70 is a better performer technically, even though IMO the distance isn't that great, it just had rather poor timbre like I felt about the mids and highs of the Rocket R-50. Clean but no real ability to convey...
Don't think I heard anything about channel imbalance before. Contact the seller and return them.
The K3003 was a bit of a disappointment when auditioning them for an hour, especially for the outrageous price. They lacked coherency and the mids and highs felt distant and lacked realism and naturalness. The timbre felt off like some TWFK in-ears I owned. In comparison the IE800 had fantastic realistic and clean mids with good natural timbre and well behaved highs. The transient just felt so clean. It sounded slightly more detailed and had better soundstage but the...
  I remember the same things happening with the Beyerdynamic T1. Some people who really liked the sound of this headphone started shifting their opinion when the rather poor measurements started rolling in. Poor measurements in relation to the HD800 that is.
  Music? Measurement fascist tend to listen to audiophile noises and at times Diana Krall which hardly can be categorized as music
  You can get the AD900X for 135 USD on amazon.jp. Then you have to pay Tenso a few buck for shipping outside Japan.
It's apparently exceedingly hard measuring CIEM correctly.
Few songs say it's time to have a good time like this one!   One of my favorite New Wave songs.   Can't stop listening to this 80s Swedish song called "Johan och Jag". It was a school band with 13 members and their music teacher as composer. The lyrics are really sweet but I guess it's a bit of language barrier.. Huge nostalgia.   Only thing more nostalgic would be this.       Makes me think of this 
I found CIEM guru average_joe's round up pretty interesting. http://theheadphonelist.com/ciem-list/   If you look at the "overall score" which I imagine translates to overall technical ability you find for example the Spiral Ears SE 5-way Reference scored on top with 98.2, Hidition NT-6 Pro scored 96.6, Unique Melody PP6 scored 94.0 Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor scored 90.2, Heir 8.0 scored 84.9 and (non freq phased) JH 16 Pro scored 75.9.   Not sure...
Can somebody inform me about the "Kerry's $69 competition amp"?
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