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  Music? Measurement fascist tend to listen to audiophile noises and at times Diana Krall which hardly can be categorized as music
  You can get the AD900X for 135 USD on amazon.jp. Then you have to pay Tenso a few buck for shipping outside Japan.
It's apparently exceedingly hard measuring CIEM correctly.
Few songs say it's time to have a good time like this one!   One of my favorite New Wave songs.   Can't stop listening to this 80s Swedish song called "Johan och Jag". It was a school band with 13 members and their music teacher as composer. The lyrics are really sweet but I guess it's a bit of language barrier.. Huge nostalgia.   Only thing more nostalgic would be this.       Makes me think of this 
I found CIEM guru average_joe's round up pretty interesting. http://theheadphonelist.com/ciem-list/   If you look at the "overall score" which I imagine translates to overall technical ability you find for example the Spiral Ears SE 5-way Reference scored on top with 98.2, Hidition NT-6 Pro scored 96.6, Unique Melody PP6 scored 94.0 Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor scored 90.2, Heir 8.0 scored 84.9 and (non freq phased) JH 16 Pro scored 75.9.   Not sure...
Can somebody inform me about the "Kerry's $69 competition amp"?
480g is almost LCD-2/3  weight. But those have huge weighty planar drivers so it's a little more understandable even though not to my satisfaction. Don't like to wear the LCD-2 and 3 more than a few hours. It's pretty unacceptable to me when a dynamic headphone weigh this much.  A headphone should weigh less than 350 g and ideally under 250g and it's a shame going back to 70s paper cone driver size headphones again. Comfort should be equally important when designing...
  You can just use the translator in Chrome. That's how I'm able to go on Japanese sites.
Cables are the absolute last thing you want to spend money on if you want to get better sound. SQ per $ is off the scale bad. If people want to be fooled go ahead but don't don't try to fool people.
There is the idea that an ideal bass in headphone should go up 2-4 dB dB from 200 Hz to compensate the lack of chest compression you get from speakers. Not sure how much the Sennheisers graph says these goes up in the low end but slightly elevated bass isn't necessarily not "neutral". To me at least this is the most natural EQ with headphone, and when using them in a noisy environment as these are designed to be you have to compensate even more as the lows are the first...
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