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I just linked the foam tips I'm using some comments up on this page.
Thanks. They are not for me
Anyone who can identify these headphones?
  I had some serious sibilance with the D5000. Not Ultrasone sibilance but still some pretty annoyingly harsh highs.
  I disagree about the differences not being that big. The FXD70 is a major step up compared to SHE3580, EP-830, GR02/GR06 and even CKM500.
Of those reviews I've seen the Spiral Ear SE 5-way Reference seem to outperform the 8A.
The SHE3580 sounds very low budget compared to the JVC FXD70. The clarity and imaging on these are truly amazing.
I haven't heard an in-ear as good as the JVC FXD70 under 100$ and I have tried a lot of the spoken about and praised in-ears on the forum if not most of them. Build quality is one of the best I've seen in this price but I can't speak of how durable they are. Very sturdy build but the drivers ability to keep on playing sounds is another matter.   With these tips I can wear them for hours without any...
I sold the FXZ100 and kept the FXD70. Soundstage and imaging was too poor with the FXZ100 as well as fit. The FXZ100 sucked in regards to fit.
  I haven't noticed that. I'm hearing the type of change in sound from these two model one would imagine if they shared the same drivers and one being closed and one being vented, with the FXD70 having more bass impact. To my ears the FXD70 is better sounding as well. If they where priced the opposite I have my doubt if some here would pick the FXD80 over the FXD70... Cheaper and better sounding and just so slightly more comfortable having a tiny bit smaller and smoother...
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