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In my country that is free.. That puts things in perspective :)
They looks so similar even the people who make them mistake them for each other.
 It's usually not a problem for an in-ear to measure a 3-5 dB bass boost. It will in reality just sound balanced.
In my experience a high output impedance is not much of a problem for planars as the impedance of the phones doesn't change with frequency. That's why a planar below 60 ohm can be driven perfectly fine from a vintage receiver with an output impedance of sometimes several hundred ohms, and not colour the sound.   Let's see how this one measure, but the impedance should be as stable over frequency as all the others.
I wouldn't worry about it. Just by reading your short review I would be very surprised you had a IE800 that really measured like the first measurement. You would probably finding them lacking in the bass department, especially coming from the IE80.
I take the 2013 graph any day for portable use. Deep bass boost is a lot better than deep bass roll off, especially as a factor for combating the drowning out effect when using them in a noisy environment. As long as the midbass and mids isn't effected this is the preferred tuning for most people. The IE800 might have too much of a good thing for many though.   I do however think the lack of deep bass extension in the first measurement is due to lack of a proper seal....
I wouldn't worry much about losing 35 kg and the effect this would have on your ear canals. Just focus on the impact this will have on your well being and health. Worst case scenario you will have to get a remould and gain a few extra years of living (who knows).
 I def put more faith advanced DSP than analogue when creating the next level soundstage experience.The head tracking is not a gimmick, and unfortunately an essential part of how the HRTF in Realiser work. This is one of the biggest hurdles in creating something similar to the Realiser but without the fine calibration and the head tracker. 
If the 3D soundstage processing is done right it sounds interesting indeed. Maybe it's similar as iFi iCAN. Some headphones/music really benefit from this type of thing and for others it can mess up fidelity.
I'm getting more and more excited about this one reading the impressions. Too bad they couldn't made it 200 grams lighter this time, but I guess they have to completely redo design for that to happen.
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