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Great work Simon and it's about time you change that avatar to something more personal!   I would love to see a new member of the family: Sennheiser IE800; The provocative and flirtatious cousin! She has a deep and snappy bottom end followed but by the most gorgeous mids that ends in a rather delicate but refined top end. The presentation is fun but can be a bit too fun for it's own good. .
I thought about trying Phils Customs but I would want my first CIEM to preferably be silicon based or perhaps the "Roxanne".He have great prices and is a nice guy to deal with. However:"Due to an overwhelming demand for our products lately, which took us by surprise (a great thank you to all old and new customers), we have decided to put a limit new orders at the moment. We have made this decision in order to make sure that our customer service is still up to high...
There is a Swedish saying; The one who wait for something special cant wait too long!
I would go with the Philips Uptown. Not sure about prices though. Good comfort, good sound for the price and a very good looking headphone.
I put all of that what you just wrote as transparent. That sense of listening to nothing but the music itself. That is subjective to some degree as well. Some persons transparent might be some other persons slightly warm or cold. I've heard too much gear being described as neutral that was on the clinical/digital/thinner and colder side of things to me that the term. The term neutrality is given out too lightly. We are just starting to figure out what neutral means in...
It seem I have to wait till February to join the 2359glenn OTL club but I'm already excited! What tubes have you HD800 owners been loving? Powerful bass, beautiful clear and warm mids and smooth and detailed highs with a deep soundstage and good imaging sounds about right... The cheaper the better is a good motto here.
It looks rather clean, but WHY would you put the USB input on the front ruining the whole front face? Just a weird choice.. Anyway good luck with the sale
 Because it's in the high end most audiophiles gather. Don't see why sound science would be appropriate.I would have like to seen it under music but you will find very few audiophiles in that section of head-fi
Haha I'm with you.. If I hear Diana Krall or some unintelligible weird jazz one more time on these shows I'm not sure I will fall asleep or go Michael Douglas in Falling Down. It will probably depend on my mood.Do we really want to listen to the same boring crap over and over when auditioning gear because it's convenient or is this some form of masochism for audiophiles? If we don't speak out about the dreadful music choices nothing will change. Maybe I'm in the minority...
 I have an almost identical experience regarding K3003 and IE800 as you.The mids and high TWFK driver can't produce natural timbre to my ears. I truly feel this is the biggest edge apart from realistic bass weight and punch a dynamic driver have over balanced armatures, and the IE800s mids are a true testament to this.It's not impossible that a Spiral Ear 5 way could change my mind though.
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