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 I have both the LCD-3 and HD800 as well and I agree fully with this. I enjoy classical a great deal with the 3s as they have a fantastic seductive and emotional quality to the timbre of the instruments the HD800 can't match IMO. Some classical work better than others. For large orchestral pieces I give it to the HD800 but the LCD-3 is not such a slouch I heard repeated many times.
I want to buy it god dammit! 275 with shipping?
Have small driver flex on both sides, more on the right side.Some in-ears are more driver flex prone. Usually not a problem.
 Of course music is sound, but sound don't have to be music.
I know of a few guys here who don't really care for the music but get very expensive gear becasue they love the sound of hifi.I get a feeling Aspergers is involved in some of the cases. Not mentioning names.
 That's how Schiit really is pronounced.
 It only drops roughly 5-8 dB from 200-20Hz which is rather good for (semi)open dynamic headphone. That is however not what could be considered neutral. It should have gone up a few dB above flat instead from 200 HzThat is not the full story though. It would have been much easier if it where.You have to look at other factor beyond FR. Even if you EQ the D5000, LCD-2, DT880, a TWFK in-ear, Stax X flat from 20-1kHz their bass would be totally different in regards to...
Arcam irDAC is one of the most interesting DACs under 1000 as is the Concero HD. Would be interesting to see a reasonably prices pro DAC as well from for example RME.
DT880 may have been called neutral in the past but with more understanding of what's neutral in headphones it would better be caracterized as a slightly bright and and basslight headphone.
 I hear you. I wear them with a rather deep fit and over the ear though. It barely works though.Massive cable noise worn straight down and Sennheiser are selling spare tips for like 30+ euro each! Wtf.
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