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It looks rather clean, but WHY would you put the USB input on the front ruining the whole front face? Just a weird choice.. Anyway good luck with the sale
 Because it's in the high end most audiophiles gather. Don't see why sound science would be appropriate.I would have like to seen it under music but you will find very few audiophiles in that section of head-fi
Haha I'm with you.. If I hear Diana Krall or some unintelligible weird jazz one more time on these shows I'm not sure I will fall asleep or go Michael Douglas in Falling Down. It will probably depend on my mood.Do we really want to listen to the same boring crap over and over when auditioning gear because it's convenient or is this some form of masochism for audiophiles? If we don't speak out about the dreadful music choices nothing will change. Maybe I'm in the minority...
 I have an almost identical experience regarding K3003 and IE800 as you.The mids and high TWFK driver can't produce natural timbre to my ears. I truly feel this is the biggest edge apart from realistic bass weight and punch a dynamic driver have over balanced armatures, and the IE800s mids are a true testament to this.It's not impossible that a Spiral Ear 5 way could change my mind though.
I'm interested in knowing what happened to the faulty pair. Did one channel just die?
Sounds maybe like you cant get a good fit.Have you tried wearing them around the ear?
 Yeah fit is personal and the ergonomics straight down don't work at all for my ears. If you really want to wear them over the ear without the cable falling of from top of you ears moving about it's a good idea to make a home made cable slider from pliable cable or a cable tie.
Or you can make one with pliable wire or a cable tie and avoid cannibalizing another pair of in-ears.
 There you go. Still no picture of one person wearing them when searching on google.
Yeah it's weird that their don't exist one picture of a person wearing these on the internet. Who will be the special one?
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