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 Exactly where did the cable break? I would expect more out of a kevlar reinforced cable with this thickness out of a week use. I guess a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
 Second batch.....? NOOOO!!!
IHD800 is more detailed and ruthless with the right amp. They are a bit bright though so that's another colouration to factor in.
I still haven't got a shipped notification and I ordered one 26 hours ago.
 Directly comparing them side by side is a bit weird as the VSD1 is impossible to wear without swapping left and right sides which makes comparing slightly harder. I can tell the 750 have more natural timbre with less grain but I'm not so sure that I would call the technical abilities in another league. It's a bit better though.My pair sound like I'm hearing other describe in reviews so I doubt they are defective.
 FR can be a very limited type of measurement. I can show you graphs of headphones measuring almost the same and sounding completely different.Can you see on a FR graph if the bass is tight, the mids silky, the highs harsh and the soundstage huge? You can see if the bass is tight looking at other measurements though, or at least to some degree.We have to know what to measure and how to best measure it in the first place if we want to figure out burn in on a scientific...
Don't be such a sissy Scandinavian now. I thought the US would have learnt you how to be a go getter!
If they never come back in stock I will sell mine for $1000 b@tches.
 I've used them a few times in the gym and had no problem with them falling out.They are a bit heavy but the ergonomic of the housing and the over-ear design are very effective for keeping them in place. I couldn't get them out of my ear even shaking my head violently but the tight seal could be broken during movement.Right tips are very important for how securely they sit in the ear as well. For the gym the VSonic VSD1 are better though for me as the cable and housing is...
The best deal around for sound and build is still the JVC FXD70 with new foam tips IMO. They are 30 USD from amazon japan. They need new tips for comfort and sound though for me at least. They are machine drilled out of stainless steel which is pretty remarkable considering the price and have a good quality cable. They also have very good comfort. They sound better than the JVC S500 and Creative Aurvana Live and are much better than the S500 for comfort (with foam...
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