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Still the best universal I've heard. ASG-2, CK100Pro, K3003 can't compete overall either technically or how good they can portray a true diverse selection of genres. It's a masterpiece with a slight (only slight) too boosted bass that work perfect when using them outside(where they are meant to be used). My big problem is the microphonic cable. I just don't understand how Sennheiser can make such a huge blunder. I'm one of the lucky few who can wear them around the ear...
 With the cable right? Otherwise it's 100 grams more than the LCD-3 and 160 grams more than the LCD-2 Bamboo.Weak of Audeze not to put the weight of the X on their website under specs.
 If it works for you good, it's a subjective pleasure we are talking about here after all, but 600 dollar feet for a device that don't have moving part is snake oil if the expression snake oil mean anything.I bet dem feet look good though. It's because of stuff like this I will never call myself an audiophile. The term comes with too much baggage. It's like feminist.
1.1  is rather good. I'm not a believer that the damping factor have to be 10 times for a headphone to sound good, but with these armature in-ears with wildly swinging impedance characteristics you will get a screwed up tonal balance, sometimes for the better, most times for the worse, with that high output z. Good to see this company making a little effort this time. How they could release a product made for portable headphone with that big a flaw and that high a price...
What is the output impedance of this thing? The AK100 had way too high output impedance at 23 ohm with low and fluctuating impedance multi driver in-ears.
Both 6.35mm and 3.5mm jacks is a good idea.
I would love to see an open, light weight(under 200 g), ergonomically perfect planar with a super fast transient, visceral textured extended bass, effortless transparent clear mids and a refinement in the treble only found in electrostats with soundstage capabilities and imaging never before seen in a stock headphone to date, perhaps with the aid of advanced tailor made DSP. Yeah that sh@t aint gonna happen.    
In my country that is free.. That puts things in perspective :)
They looks so similar even the people who make them mistake them for each other.
 It's usually not a problem for an in-ear to measure a 3-5 dB bass boost. It will in reality just sound balanced.
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