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It wasn't exactly obviously funny so no.You really need to know the prior writing of he person to figure these subtleties out. It's not exactly like people's reviews make less than sense some times and use exactly those type of words. Some places only give you those type of reviews.Looking back it was perhaps a bit too loose even for a head-fi commentary.
 I totally agree.It was very confusing writing for sure.
 He should have done Crack instead.
Anyone else who broke the damn shirt clip trying to force it onto the cable? That thing was not made to handle the thickness of the main cable!
 Exactly where did the cable break? I would expect more out of a kevlar reinforced cable with this thickness out of a week use. I guess a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
 Second batch.....? NOOOO!!!
IHD800 is more detailed and ruthless with the right amp. They are a bit bright though so that's another colouration to factor in.
I still haven't got a shipped notification and I ordered one 26 hours ago.
 Directly comparing them side by side is a bit weird as the VSD1 is impossible to wear without swapping left and right sides which makes comparing slightly harder. I can tell the 750 have more natural timbre with less grain but I'm not so sure that I would call the technical abilities in another league. It's a bit better though.My pair sound like I'm hearing other describe in reviews so I doubt they are defective.
 FR can be a very limited type of measurement. I can show you graphs of headphones measuring almost the same and sounding completely different.Can you see on a FR graph if the bass is tight, the mids silky, the highs harsh and the soundstage huge? You can see if the bass is tight looking at other measurements though, or at least to some degree.We have to know what to measure and how to best measure it in the first place if we want to figure out burn in on a scientific...
New Posts  All Forums: