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Sounds maybe like you cant get a good fit.Have you tried wearing them around the ear?
 Yeah fit is personal and the ergonomics straight down don't work at all for my ears. If you really want to wear them over the ear without the cable falling of from top of you ears moving about it's a good idea to make a home made cable slider from pliable cable or a cable tie.
Or you can make one with pliable wire or a cable tie and avoid cannibalizing another pair of in-ears.
 There you go. Still no picture of one person wearing them when searching on google.
Yeah it's weird that their don't exist one picture of a person wearing these on the internet. Who will be the special one?
 No I heard a few more say the same thing. You are not confusing brittleness with sibilance?
Weird how they designed these for an almost perfect around the ear fit but made you swap left and right side for that to happen.
Read what Tyll wrote again sir.
The overall sound is rather inoffensive without sibilance. It doesn't do much wrong. I like to EQ down the mid bass and turn up the deep bass though. Not sure I agree it's on the technical or resolution level of some of the more expensive in-ear mentioned but it's not that for behind.   Even though the cable is better than the MH1C it's still sub par. The ergonomics of the housing is seemingly much better for an around the ear fit than straight down but the stiffness...
 I and many with me don't have a sibilance problem. The treble is slightly thin but never harsh or sibilant. From Tyll:"I find these earphones quite good, but a bit unusual. They're a tad bright for me (which means they're probably just right for most), but are not harsh sounding. (I liked them WAY more then the AKG K3003.) They do have an interesting sparkle to them, and initial measurements reveal some unusual artifacts" From Joker's innerfidelity review:"To me, however,...
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