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The people who complain about TB Isone messing up timbre and detail too much(I'm in this camp) should give the older Isone Pro a go. Not perfect by an stretch of the imagination but better than the new version in maintaining correct tonality.
I sounds like you contradict yourself with the two first paragraphs. First you say FR from dummies is irrelevant as the real FR is only in place with the sound interacting with the listeners ears, but than you lay all this importance on FR plots being paramount to perceived qualities.Maybe I'm just confused by how you write things. Don't make a hang up on silky. You can put any quality of the mids like clear, detailed, warm, harsh, thick, thin etc.You still can't tell from...
JVC FXD70 is the only headphones/in-ears I have two pairs of. That can perhaps be the biggest praise I can give. After over a year of use I thought it would be a true shame if my pair died and the model discontinued so I bought another one. Comparing the two I can tell the newer one that have perhaps 30 hour of use is more trebly and harsher and do not sound as open. Can be lack of burn in or just variation within the model. Let's see if they sound different with 200...
Why would you want one of these? The HD555 is fantastically comfortable but can't compete with the HD558 and HD598 for sound. AD700 have been upgraded to AD700X.
 The best things in life are free.
 "The DSHA sounds like butter while the Vali sounds like I can't believe its not butter" Kind of obvious when reading it two times. 
It wasn't exactly obviously funny so no.You really need to know the prior writing of he person to figure these subtleties out. It's not exactly like people's reviews make less than sense some times and use exactly those type of words. Some places only give you those type of reviews.Looking back it was perhaps a bit too loose even for a head-fi commentary.
 I totally agree.It was very confusing writing for sure.
 He should have done Crack instead.
Anyone else who broke the damn shirt clip trying to force it onto the cable? That thing was not made to handle the thickness of the main cable!
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