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Has anyone tried Sorbothane on these suckers?
 Two possible explanations as I see it. Either it's mediocre with the headphones at the meet or it hasn't gained enough interest/hype before the meet so people don't take notice what amp is driving the cans. People at the Audeze booth are there to listen to the Audeze's, not an obscure European amp. Or a combination.
 How anybody could manage to draw strong conclusions given meet conditions is another question.As much as I think meets is a great idea and love reading meet comparisons, the loud environment is poor for evaluating gear connected to non isolating headphones so I take it with a great deal of salt.
I love this thread and I love eric65. Not matter how much crap is flung in your direction you come back with the same undiminished enthusiasm, relentless confidence and a certain continental understated humour written in quirky English. Gotta love dem French. I would have guessed head-fi's trigger happy mods would have banned you by now but I'm glad that you are going strong, same as the Sorbothane-guy.
 As I thought the PM-1 was rather dull and boring to listen to I doubt it.
 If Sony wasn't in the schitter I think they could pull it off.I wouldn't be surprise so see a new Chinese company coming along and making it happen instead.
Sometimes when you try to make something look expensive by dollying it up with glitter you make it look cheap instead.
I really hope they drop the chrome and choose a more classy off white or latte type colour. Not a deal breaker in any way but it would be the better choice.
T1 is 346g or 350g without the cord and both weight and weight distribution matters for overall comfort. Doesn't matter if you have really heavy headphone that weight distribution is top notch. You will still notice the gravitational force being applied by what you have on the head putting strains on your neck.
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