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 I take the HD800 over the T1 with Hans Zimmer and ambient any day.
Or you could contact someone in the DIY community here on head-fi and get a cable with good components for a lot less.
How secure are they in your ear? My gut feeling when only looking at them is that they couldn't handle a jog in the park or have a tendency to fall out during manual labor.
Would be great if someone could add a comparison to other amplifiers at this price point.
 WA5 really? With descent tubes and upgrades that thing is over 4000.You can't listen to these vintage amps/receivers in normal audio stores. You have to get one from the used market and hope it's in descent sonic condition or restore it yourself.
 I suggest listening to one yourself before writing them of. You could get a NAD for under 50 bucks. Not sure about the situation in Romania though...
 If you are low on cash I much rather recommend going the vintage route of NAD or Yamaha från the 70s or 80s with the HD800.I much rather listen to the Yamaha CR-620 than the Schiit Vali for example. There is just so much 'epicness' with this unit. The sound boosts the bass by quite a bit but the HD800 needs it. Very powerful, clear and smooth sound. The NAD's is perhaps easier to get a hold of and sounds more controlled but still a good synergy with the clinical HD800. It...
If this don't move you tears and I don't know what will.
 According to measurements they are extremely similar, almost identical.http://rinchoi.blogspot.se/2013/05/jvc-ha-fxd60-fxd70-fxd80-nanotube.htmlWhen it comes to real life listening measurements can only say so much and I have no idea as I haven't done a side by side comparison.     One interesting aspect of the FXD70 is that when I wear them with a shallow or medium deep fit there are some nasty high frequency resonances which goes against  Rin Choi's theory that these...
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