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 If Sony wasn't in the schitter I think they could pull it off.I wouldn't be surprise so see a new Chinese company coming along and making it happen instead.
Sometimes when you try to make something look expensive by dollying it up with glitter you make it look cheap instead.
I really hope they drop the chrome and choose a more classy off white or latte type colour. Not a deal breaker in any way but it would be the better choice.
T1 is 346g or 350g without the cord and both weight and weight distribution matters for overall comfort. Doesn't matter if you have really heavy headphone that weight distribution is top notch. You will still notice the gravitational force being applied by what you have on the head putting strains on your neck.
 I take the HD800 over the T1 with Hans Zimmer and ambient any day.
Or you could contact someone in the DIY community here on head-fi and get a cable with good components for a lot less.
How secure are they in your ear? My gut feeling when only looking at them is that they couldn't handle a jog in the park or have a tendency to fall out during manual labor.
Would be great if someone could add a comparison to other amplifiers at this price point.
 WA5 really? With descent tubes and upgrades that thing is over 4000.You can't listen to these vintage amps/receivers in normal audio stores. You have to get one from the used market and hope it's in descent sonic condition or restore it yourself.
 I suggest listening to one yourself before writing them of. You could get a NAD for under 50 bucks. Not sure about the situation in Romania though...
New Posts  All Forums: