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 The HD800 is far from bassy stock.It's only when you pair them with the CR-620 you get the thunderous bass.The high output impedance raises the bass a bit.
Buy a used HD800 and get yourself a Yamaha CR-620, a receiver fro the late 70s. If neccesay use some EQ. The bass can truly be epic in this rig as is clarity, detail, soundstage and a natural tonality. TB Isone takes this pairing to another level.
Knorr by Krumelur is a total trip on a headphone capable of producing a good soundstage and imaging like the HD800!
That suck if you just paid 3k for the HE1000.
I've tried many headphones with Isone and but the Fostex TX00 is he first closed headphones to sound really good yet. Not HD800 level but still. Headphones that roll off too much up top seems to fair badly even though they might sound superb on their own.
Is there a way of lower the output impedance on a vintage receiver in a safe way? Usually the whole circuit of the amp goes into the headphone out but with a resistor to lower the output a bit. Is it safe to just remove the resistors completely or just solder in a lower valued resistor?   High output impedance doesn't seem to change the sound on planars but ordinary dynamics have a tendency to get loose in the bass.
Would be cool if there was a possibility to run all your windows sound through Isone. That way you could get the effect listening through youtube or spotify or whatever else source available. Anyone know if this is possible?
  No problem The FXD70 and 80 are pretty similar, but the 70 have better bass impact (even though the graph show them as having 8 dB or so less bass) and a slightly fuller more coherent presentation with little less air. I agree that FXD series lack texture in the bass but it's faster and more solid than FXH which works well with fast well produced music, and that at times you can get a slightly metallic tinge. That slightly steely timbre works great with synth and well...
 I'm sitting here listening to the FXD70 and FXH30 side by side and I can't really agree. At all.  FXH30 got a lot more bloom in the bass but the bass is not especially tight or detailed. Lots of rumble but not much solidity. The mids are fuller but slightly muffled and affected by bass bleed and at most times less transparent. Detail is close but because of the advantage of having higher clarity, the detail is easier to spot with the FXD70. FXD70 sounds more precise,...
 JVC FXD70 with a deep over ear fit and these cheap eartips bass is above neutral but fast and controlled. The drivers are capable of some fantastic speed, clarity and detail for this price and still have a very exciting sound. Great for metal.Amazing build quality and really good isolation. Really deep fit though.
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