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Want to purchase M50S, preferably M50S LE. Will pay up to $125 based on condition. PM me.
I understand there has been a bit of a backlash to the M50 because of the price hike. What can I get with is around $120 with a fun sound and maybe a bit of a V curve?
I often listen to music in a private room enviornment. I am looking for something which is comfortable for long listening sessions without being fatigued and for around $100.
Would there be a way to remove your custom ear mold and replace it to my own ear's specifications?
A few months old. Includes warranty, carrying case, original box and documentation, all tips, and headphones themselves. Requesting PayPal as gift. Shipping to Continental US included with price. Will negotiate pricing. Please send a private message if you are interested in trading. Pictures coming soon.
  The price must be a leading contributor to the dramatic loss in popularity the M50 has faced on the board. While I would gladly pay $119 for them if I were ever near B&H and could purchase them there, $159 is way too high for them. What is good at the ~$100-120 price range which has surpassed the M50?
I haven't been on Head-Fi since early this summer because I was content with my SE215s, but of course I grew out of those and returned out of curiosity. Much has changed since I last logged on. Most notably, what has happened to the M50? The price has gone up to $159, compared to a little over $100 in June. People seem to recommend them less and less when new visitors ask for suggestions. They are not as coveted in the For Sale sections. What new headphone has arrived...
I have the problem that many people are having with their Se215s- the sound is dropped when the driver is rotated and one of the ears is quieter than the other. What should I do?
The memory wire on my SE215 is itching my ears. Help?
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