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Some comparisons with Merlin (Green, obviously)
Mine arrived today (customs) and Have to say they're an interesting sound. Bass-wise they definitely don't outshine the Merlin in extension or resonance, and the quad-BAs in the Merlin make it a much airier presentation immediately, but there is a nice timbre hiding in the 3DD that I suspect will become more apparent after some hours of sound through them.
I have owned the second cable before, it is better than the stock cable (but let's face it, what ISN'T better than the stock cable) but the insertion of the plugs is not deep so they do tend to pop out from time to time. First cable looks like it has the same plugs too, so I would presume the same problem.
I can confirm that the UMGlobal pre-order is still in effect, after shooting an email to Matt he said this today:     So I'm not sure from where Stephen Guo is getting his directive to say that the pre-order is cancelled across all dealers.
If you're setting up your phone to be a dedicated mp3 player, then that's a good point. But if you're using it frequently for calls and SMS, grafting an amp onto it gets clunky so I get the convenience of plug n' play into the 1/8 out. 
Who even uses the onboard iPod anymore, with all the superior parametric-Eq style apps available these days? 
Where's the link to make a pre-order for Australia? I got the email saying it starts tonight but I can't actually find a link on it anywhere... 
If UM won't give me a free pair (lol) I'm still highly likely to go for the custom version anyway, $600 is very reasonable in comparison to the Merlins. 
I'd be more than happy to write a 1500 word review of the 3DD vs Merlin if UM comes to the party and donates a pair for science!  (But seriously, I'd do it)
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