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For me, if they had any more bass I'd be saying they were bass-heavy / un-neutral and would probably give me a headache.What kind of Amp are you using yours with?
you're welcome to fly over to Aussie and try mine
Hey,Very late reply here, I have since moved from New Zealand to Australia!They are very well broken in now, as someone who constantly changes / upgrades / purchases new gear - I'm not even considering changing from the Sig Pro's.I'm really enjoying them, we had a audiophile night a few weeks ago and some mates brought over various headphones and amps to try out.Most of us agree'd the Sig Pro's were the most enjoyable can's on the day - especially when paired with an...
I would consider returning your Sig Pro's or at least comparing them with a pair from another batch, it sounds like there may be something wrong with your pair?
I'm just going to stop here and say... after having my Ultrason Signature Pro's for a few months now... I'm LOVING them, I think they far outperform the Grado GS-1000's I had prior, I still can't believe I'm getting quality like this from closed cans!
If you buy them in NZ they're NZ$1450 which is £735 or $1,180 USD
Classic! That's professional as!
Sounds like you might be quite happy with the SigPro's then, I haven't tried the ED9 myself (I've never even seen them in New Zealand!) but from the reading I did before purchasing the SP plus my own take on the signature of these cans I would say they are the best sounding closed headphones I've heard, by a long-shot.Put it this way, I am happy I replaced my GS1000's with them, The GS1000's are a love/hate can, but those who love them /really/ love them, I really liked...
So?...The HD 25-1 II's aren't $1000 worse than the SigPro's?The pure purchase price doesn't simply depict how good a piece of hardware is...That's like saying 'Oh you shouldn't compare this schiit amp with this Objective2 amp because the Objective2 is only $150 pre-made but the schiit is $700!' so what, if the O2 out performs the schiit across the board what does it matter that it cost so much less?The HS25-1's are incredibly good headphones for the price and will easily...
It's actually really easy, best thing to do would to grab a cheap picture frame with the glass pre-cut, if it's not thick enough go visit a local glass dealer and ask for an offcut, they'll probably even size it for you!
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