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Sup everyone,   I am looking to get some Bose QC over the ear headphones, as I travel a lot and need good noise cancellation along with decent sound quality.   I was looking into the QC 15, and noticed they have been out for a while now, since 2009.  I could wait though if the QC 15 will be updated soon.   Does anyone know if Bose is expected to update these soon, or if there is any pattern established?   If anyone has any information regarding this you'd be so...
I'm in San Diego.   Will ship to the USA.
  Hi all,   I am heading off to college, and won't have room to take this equipment with me.   I purchased this headphone about 4 months ago, with the Fiio E7/E9 combo.   They were burned in for 50 hours initially, and have been used about 1-2 hours a week since.   The sound quality is extraordinary, and after trying several headphones (HD650, HD600, etc.), I decided I liked this the best.   I have all original boxes for...
You could check out noise canceling headphones
I love their products
Check out the Beyer Dynamic
So great! I'm excited
So I have had the HD650 for about 2 weeks, hooked up to a Fiio E7/E9 Combo.   I have read everywhere that this headphone produces a strong and powerful bass.  However, I can't hear it.   I find that for some music, like folk, they sound absolutely amazing.  But for a majority of my music, jazz, country, rock, they just don't sound right.  The bass sounds lacking to me.   When I add on an eq to equal it out, it makes the music sound fake and...
So that means if you don't attach the E7, the only way to connect to the E9 amp is through a 3.5" chord directly from the source, aka USB is not an option with only the E9?
Can someone explain to me why the E7 is good to have with the E9.  I have looked around and can't find it anywhere.
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