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What's the condition of the strain reliefs on these? I ask because I had one from the first batch that broke recently, and it started when the strain reliefs detached from the main housing.
The E10, at least, is supposed to be pretty good.  
  At any rate, I think the SP51 is all-around better in sound and build, and has adjustable bass levels, so I would go with that.  
Maybe check ljokerl's review thread for more bassy IEMs, but I think he mentions the idAmerica Spark, Soundmagic E10, DUNU Trident, and MEE SP51 as decent choices. All are on Amazon.  
Are those separate questions? Some of the higher-end Sony Monitor IEMs like the EX600 or EX1000s have pretty good reputations around here, and tend to have a neutral-ish sound. They have some bassy IEMs that are somewhat less well-regarded. As far as bassy goes, a common recommendation is the Atrio MG7 with a 50% off coupon.  
Probably, but they won't absolutely require it. The E10 would be a good investment, though, if you want to upgrade.  
FYI, apparently the FXT90s can be had for $99 in Canada, as FutureShop is selling them...
Well, from everything I've heard, the HM5s isolate well and are comfortable, so that's why I suggested them.  
Yep, though they are often on sale, which makes them bearable. They're not bad IEMs, just overpriced.  
Well, if you buy from amazon or reputable dealers, that shouldn't be a problem at all...   A lot of IEMs use L-plugs, such as the Fischer Audio Eterna, Hippo VB, MEElectronics CC51, VSonic GR06, and a few others that fit your criteria pretty well.   Not really, no...   Atrio MG7     Sorry, I'm not familiar with the AKG's sound sig. Can you describe it? Also, it isolation going to be important?   Nope, you just loop over the ear, but you can have it still go under...
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