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Nice @average_joe! EM6 has creamy mids, IE800 has more low end. They are both great sounding but with different flavors. I only have gripes with the built if IE800 - they are so small and the wire is stiffer.
I'm selling my Ibasso DX100 bought last July 2012.  Price is 800sgd. You can check the unit before buying, just send me a pm.I won't deal international.
Sold today!
I'm using my JH16s when I tried in Jaben SG using J3 as DAP. The sound from the amp made the bass of JH16 controlled and more focused. The soundstage is also impressively wider. The resolution became better from a very good stock resolution of J3-JH16
X2 Mass Kobo is really an excellent amp...I compared it to the Ko Jo KM. But I have not compared it to my RSA amp.
I'm selling my LCD2 bought from ALO Audio last year - 3 year manufacture warranty. I will include the Q cables balance portable connector (Ray Samuels). This includes the travel case, cleaning kit (honey polish and cloth), original cable and documents (FR-chart with Serial No).    FYI. this is the second LCD2 Rev2 with wooden connectors (not-angeld). Always kept in the box and polished.   Will only deal in Singapore or Malaysia. Photos are in my photo...
Sorry, don't have change to audition them. But I might get one if they were on sale. I'm interested in the freqphase.
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