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6N6P is a good one for the Sunrise.  I have never heard or even read about the 6N27P but I'd be interested in what you think.  According to my reference document, the logo indicates it is an older model from the Reflector plant, however, I'm not sure how accurate my source is.  Presently there are some of these tubes on eBay with what is reported to be the newer Reflector logo and these are 1969 vintage. Can you read the year on it?
You've got it.   I have not experienced noticeable difference in sound quality between high gain and low gain tubes, however, I seem to remember that when I studied tubes, back in the mid 60s, I learned that high gain tubes had more potential to emphasize noise.  I don't believe any of my "favorite" tubes are high gain tubes.
I'm not sure I've seen a comparison in one guide.  The following link has a video that is helpful for 12 volt tubes. http://www.thetubestore.com/Gain-Factor
Referring to the sound level.  For a long time during tube rolling, when using headphones, I had noticed that the sound level changes many characteristics of SQ. Then recently I read a note by someone, whose judgement I trust, that after adjusting for sound level (equalizing it so the SPL is the same for both tubes) the difference between tubes is very hard if not impossible to detect (my paraphrase).    Now, I don't have great ears, but I compared my best tube (TF...
I have one.  At one point I considered it my best tube, and it probably still is, but every single tube I have (about 30) sounds excellent after I equalize volume levels.   It is not a cheap tube, but it is excellent in every way and you should not have to buy any more tubes.   You will like it.
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The magnum drivers are 45.6mm in diameter but the can be sanded down a little bit.  You can also use tape to expand them a little.  I used a layer of electrical tape to get a really snug fit. Some use foam tape but I wouldn't want to do that on wooden cups.  On closed cups the foam tape might be better.    I am not sure of the depth but Grados I have are 9mm at the edge and about 12mm in the center at the magnet. I expect the magnums are close to that.   I just...
 If you want to check these out in the US RadioShack carries a version of this headphone.  At RS they're either $25 or $29, not sure which.  I got a couple on Black Friday for $10 each.  They do work but they are cheaply made. 
Thanks for the comparison.  I will pass up the 6N30P-DR for a while.    I may try a couple of E182CC tubes after I  make an adapter but I'm not sure.  I already have 30 different tubes and I'm beginning to doubt that I will find anything better than I already have.
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