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I am looking for a different DAC and am interested in the Gustard X-10 (or Valab version), the Teradak TDA1543 NOS USB, and the Teradak Chameleon NOS.  I was interested in the Xiangsheng DACs but I pretty much assume that the Xiangsheng DACs are not as good as the Gustard or Teradaks.   I haven't been able to find any comparisons so I thought I'd ask here.   I will only be using with a headphone amp and primarily Audeze LCD-3.  Presently my head amp is a Sunrise II...
Not much action on this thread but I got an e-mail notifying me of the previous post so I thought I would sign in and give an update.   After trying JPlay I discovered ASIO4All and I have never looked back.  Using Foobar I get great results with Asio4All, Kernel Streaming, and WASAPI. I haven'r compared all three but they are really close and I stick to ASIO4All.   All the these plugins are free so thats a bonus.
That's the one I have used a couple of times.  Quite cost effective.
 You could get distortion for a number of reasons, however, I would not assume it is the Sunrise that is at fault.  I have pushed my Sunrise significantly past 12 o' clock with not resulting distortion.  I have read reports of the Sunrise being quite good with the HE-6 which, of course, are much less efficient than the HE-500. Try the sunrise with different headphones and different tubes.  Alternately, try the HE-500 with a different amp.
When comparing tubes, try to equalize the sound power level before making the comparison.  You probably know that changing volume makes a significant difference in perception so it just makes sense to compare tubes at the same volume. 
 I suggest you make yourself a practice rig of some type so you can practice this before attempting it on the driver.  I think just tinning a couple of pieces of wire, maybe with a blob of solder on one of them, letting them cool and the soldering them together just as fleasbaby describes. The key is that you only put enough heat into the solder on the driver to melt the solder and then immediately remove the heat.  It is worth quite a bit of practice in order to minimize...
There are many good amps to drive the T90.  I use the Sunrise II from Garage1217.  Check out the amps they have I'm pretty sure all will do the job as the T90 are not difficult to drive.  The Sunrise II is a single tube amp which I really like.  Garage1217 also has a few other amps and they're all great amps and an excellent value for the money.  They can also be bought as built or in kit form.  If you have any soldering experience at all the kits are easy to...
1977 should be a good tube.  My experience with Russian tubes is that anything earlier than mid 80s is good.  I'm not sure the really early ones are better.  I have a 1963 6N23P and I'm not impressed by it at all.  Its a good tube but not better than some later models I have.
Looks like you're set.  I consider the TF E88CC my best tube.  I expect it also my most valuable, however, I don't plan on selling it.  I got it at an excellent price from a friend who bought a dozen of them.
 That should be a good tube.  As far as the cost, if you want it, you just have to pay it and move on.  I have 30+ tubes ranging in price from $3 to $140 and the difference is very slight in any of them, however, I enjoy playing with them.  Also, we can always put them back up on eBay and get some of our money back. 
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