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daerron   Thanks for the reply to the post I deleted.  After I posted it, I realized I had an updated list of tubes from the manual and 12BH7A was on it.  I will be getting a Sylvania black plate and a Sylvania gray plate today so I'm looking forward to checking them out.   The last couple of days I received a really pleasant surprise when I finally burned in the Voskhod 6N23P that came with the Sunrise.  I like it so much that right now, it is clearly one of my favorite...
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Thanks for the quick reply Jeremy.  The printing is very, very light and I doubt it would photograph well, but it has the Voskhod "rocket" logo so if that's a good identifier, I have my answer.
Until this morning I had assumed that the 6N23P that came with my Sunrise was from the Reflector plant.  After some research on 6N23P tubes I now believe it comes from the Voskhod plant because it has the Voskhod rocket logo on it.    Does anyone know if I am correct about this?  I purchased the kit 7 months ago.
  Forgot...yes it is supported by a single post.
I sent you a PM.
geetarman49, here are the images......I hope        
I actually received the orange globes yesterday afternoon.  I'll post a picture of the getter...probably later today.   I have done some listening, but it gets rather confusing.  I now have three Amperex types of 6 volt tubes.  They are very similar and on a couple of occasions a tube has sounded somewhat different the second time I listen to it. A change in volume can make a lot of difference especially in the soundstage.  We'll see. 
geetarman49   Thought I would go ahead and try the dutch amperex pq ecc88 with a-frame, dimpled-disc getter.  Last night I got two hp branded made in Heerland.  Tubes not marked PQ but guys I play golf with were engineers for HP back in the day and they said HP had very high standards for their tubes so I expect these are the same.  It also appears that they fit the description given by Joe (of Joe's Lore) for the RCA tube of the same description.  These things have...
  I have the NVX pads and I couldn't make them fit the Fostex....way too tight.  They fit nicely onto some wooden cups I made but I like the sound better with the Shure 840 pads.  Keith developed his mods using the 840 pads so I suppose it would take some tuning to make the NVX pads sound as good.  I like the sound of the 840s so much thats all I use.
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