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Mine came USPS.  I didn't even know they had Sunday delivery as an option. I'm burning them in right now but I did take a quick listen and they sounded better than I thought they would.  I'll listen a bunch later this evening.  I previously had HD558 that I did the "598" modifications on but I believe these sound better. I just bought them because they were such a good price.  I will probably give them to a nephew.  I already signed up for the AKG K7xx and I am shopping...
I ordered mine Friday and received them this morning (Sunday delivery).  Came from Las Vegas to Phoenix and had 2 day shipping.  I will go on Amazon later and make sure I didn't accidentally sign up for Prime.
 I would do it and take my chances.  The O2 may not be the best amp but It will probably be fine and you can always get a better amp later. I have owned the HD650 and I have listened to the LCD2.  I have owned the HD650 and they are totally different.  I did not think much of the HD650 because I thought they sounded really rolled off at the high end.
I have used both.  I use active NC IEMs now (Phiaton PS20).  I have had Bose headphones in the past.  The headphones are better than IEMs but I changed to IEMs when I decided to start traveling light.  I don't miss them at all.  The Phiatons are very good but I also have Audio Technica and Sony active NC IEMs which are more than satisfactory.  I pretty much only use them while watching movies on my phone on transoceanic flights.
 Not as good as the prevous low price from the outlet store but I might go for $468 myself.  Where is it?
I've been looking for a killer deal on a DAC/headphone amp or just DAC $750-$1000. Only thing I've seen is Burson Conductor SL9018 and they've been on sale for a while now.   Anyone seen anything?     EDIT: Also looking for Grado PS500 or RS1. (RS1 at BuySonic at $499 a little high, OK in CAD though.)
I'm on that HD598 wagon.  Now I just have to figure out what I'll do with them.
Is this for shipping only to Canada?  I changed to the US website and the HD700 didn't show up. EDIT:  Never mind, I found them.  $599 USD.  Not such a good deal as with CAD.  I expect I'll pass and check around for the HD800 after midnight.
 Thanks for the link to Keith's post on the dimensions.  That will help.  I expect I will start out with an open back, but first I have to find a reasonably priced headband that will hold the cups which will be quite large.
  Really great to see these.  I haven't done much with my DBV#3 Fostex in a while, but I have been thinking for a couple of years about making an open pair.    Previously I did not have the skills but now I believe I do.  Last winter in Arizona I made 6 or 7 cups for Grados out of various types of wood and developed some skills on the lathe.  I expect cups for the Fostex would be more difficult than the Grados but should be dooable.   We head down to Arizona...
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