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geetarman49, here are the images......I hope        
I actually received the orange globes yesterday afternoon.  I'll post a picture of the getter...probably later today.   I have done some listening, but it gets rather confusing.  I now have three Amperex types of 6 volt tubes.  They are very similar and on a couple of occasions a tube has sounded somewhat different the second time I listen to it. A change in volume can make a lot of difference especially in the soundstage.  We'll see. 
geetarman49   Thought I would go ahead and try the dutch amperex pq ecc88 with a-frame, dimpled-disc getter.  Last night I got two hp branded made in Heerland.  Tubes not marked PQ but guys I play golf with were engineers for HP back in the day and they said HP had very high standards for their tubes so I expect these are the same.  It also appears that they fit the description given by Joe (of Joe's Lore) for the RCA tube of the same description.  These things have...
  I have the NVX pads and I couldn't make them fit the Fostex....way too tight.  They fit nicely onto some wooden cups I made but I like the sound better with the Shure 840 pads.  Keith developed his mods using the 840 pads so I suppose it would take some tuning to make the NVX pads sound as good.  I like the sound of the 840s so much thats all I use.
  I was taking a look at the tube you describe but most, if not all, were in China.  Have you ever had success buying tubes from China?  I always figured there was too much chance they were fakes.
  Apparently some of them were made in England. Thank you for the offer of the photo but that won't be necessary.  I will check around to get more information on the Mullard 7308 manufacture. At this point I don't own a decent Mullard.
  Where was the Mullard made?  I haven't really studied them, but I recollect having seen a number of Mullard 7308s and I don't believe any of them were made in England. 
  Thanks for the response geetarman49.  I received the Amperex 7308 yesterday.  I've only listened to it a couple of hours (and I fell asleep part of that) and I'm certainly not disappointed. Its as nice as the my Bugle Boy Heerlan, Holland version and may be even better.    I have been so surprised by these Amperex 6 volt tubes because they are so pleasing and yet very different from the Telefunkens.  I previously thought that the Telefunken E88CC was my most revealing...
  geetarman49, thanks for the reminder on the 6 volt tubes.  I had gotten carried away with the 12 volt black plate, triple micas and various variations of these tubes and completely ignored 6 volt tubes.   I had a white label Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 made in Heerland, Holland that I got for a very good price and so I tried it.  I was surprised how much I like it. I can't explain the sound but it is slightly different in a positive way, than any of my other tubes.    To...
Not sure if I can be of any help, but I am in US and will be in France and Italy early next month.  I'd be glad to bring a tube over and deliver or mail it.   For those of you who know more than I do, wouldn't an RCA ClearTop 12AU7 work for him....or possible an Amperex 6DJ8 BugleBoy.  I have both of these and they are cheap.  
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