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Has anyone seen any deals on headphone amps??   Looking for something like a $1000 amp at half price.   Solid state or tubes are OK but tube only if single tube (I have many tubes but don't know which are matched.)
I believe the deal with the Fostex (I have a couple of modified pairs) is that they are a relatively inexpensive ($100) planar (I think its planar) headphone that can be easily made into a very good/excellent ($300-$500) headphone by spending a couple of bucks and a couple of hours on relatively easy modifications.   Many people spend hours on their mods but the Fostex can be made very good in just a couple of hours and no special tools or skills are required.  You've just...
I checked the AmericanMusicandSound website and it appears they will send you a check. I would send the rebate form, upc, and receipt all in the same envelope.  Its better to keep them all together. Interesting that I ate lunch in Scottsdale yesterday.
Thanks for the heads-up.  Your post is a great reminder (I'd forget otherwise) and the link makes it so nice and easy for me. Thanks again.
 Many companies offer rebates because they know that they will only have to pay the rebate on a small percentage of sales.  One way they do this is to refuse to pay any rebate if the conditions of the rebate are not met exactly. READ the instructions for the rebate and do EXACTLY what they indicate.  If you do ONE single thing wrong they will refuse the rebate.....and by the time you learn they have refused it you will be too tired of messing around to fool with it. ...
Thanks for the info.  I'll check them out.
 And where can one get them for $600?...and does that include the amp?
I read earlier in this thread of someone looking for a good deal on a DAC.  I had seen some good deals but at the time I read the post I could not remember where.    Music Direct has a few that look like really good deals and I believe the iFi - Nano and the Peachtree Audio DACs are good ones at good prices.
Parts Connexion has good price on Burson Conductor SL ($599 or $749 depending on the DAC chip)  and Anedio D2 ($800+) is on good price on their website.  Both of these include headphone amp but that gives you an SS amp and a tube amp.  I just ordered a Marantz HD-DAC1 what I will also use with a Garage1217 Sunrise II. If I'm not impressed with the HD-DAC1, I will order either the Burson or the Anedio.
Mine came USPS.  I didn't even know they had Sunday delivery as an option. I'm burning them in right now but I did take a quick listen and they sounded better than I thought they would.  I'll listen a bunch later this evening.  I previously had HD558 that I did the "598" modifications on but I believe these sound better. I just bought them because they were such a good price.  I will probably give them to a nephew.  I already signed up for the AKG K7xx and I am shopping...
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