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No, at that price they are a good deal and I'm sure I would enjoy owning another pair.  In fact, I'm considering it.
 A lot of people love the HD650 but many, including myself, believe the sound is veiled.  I owned a pair but sold them after a couple of weeks.  That said, I used them with a tube headamp and I might have like them more with a SS headamp.  Not sure because I never tried it.
Yes it was.  I picked up the HD598 which I really like but I'm still looking for a really great deal on  HD800 or possibly HD700.  I would get an HD600 but I'm not sure its much different than the HD598.  I had the HD650 a few months ago and sold it.  It was seriously veiled to me.
 Got a return e-mail within an hour.  I believe HD800 still a bit high at $1000 but I'm thinking about it.
 I just sent them an e-mail. 
 2 hours 15 minutes and still haven't been contacted by them.
Thanks for the info.  I did it but haven't heard from them yet.
Looking for a better than average deal on HD800 (<$1000) or possibly HD700 (not sure what good deal is).  Please let me know if you see one.
Thanks for the info.  I have the LCD3 and I believe the sound signature is very much like the LCD2s so thats good information.
Thanks for the "warning."  I never gave that much thought, but I definitely will from here on out.
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