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Just write out the name of the vendor. We do not need a link. EDIT:  I reread you post and now I understand.
Not sure how good of a deal this is but FullCompass has AKG K702 "B stock" on sale for $259.99........maybe not, just checked and Amazon has them for $258.
 I owned these for a couple of weeks last year.  I don't remember much but I did like them. You can do the mod to supposedly make them sound like the HD598.  I expect they are good for the money but I they can be had for around $100 all the time. If you can wait you might put a WTB in the headphone sales forum for the HD598 and see what pops up.  Plenty of people got these for $98 and many will be looking to sell after they've listened to them a bit.  I like the HD598 and...
 Probably not great.  They're available on ebay right now in white for $169 and free shipping and that is brand new.  Also, they can probably be had for less because the seller has a "Make Offer" on there also.  Probably take $155 or $160. 
Haven't been able to find any great deals on headphones in the last couple of weeks and I was getting a little down but just received e-mail that lifted my spirits.    My Massdrop AKG K7XX have shipped.  Must be one of the first ones shipped.  I bought on 11/24 but don't believe I was one of the buyers to get a number in the first couple of hundred.
 I believe that this pertains most, if not all, dynamic speakers and headphones.  Its all about the amp controlling the driver through the whole frequency spectrum.
Anyone know of any great deals on Philips X2?
I have believed for about 40+ years that most speakers/headphones sound better with more power and I expect the additional power of the Ember is what brought out the best of the HD650.  I have a Sunrise II and I will probably pick up an Ember in the next couple of weeks primarily for the additional power.
No, at that price they are a good deal and I'm sure I would enjoy owning another pair.  In fact, I'm considering it.
 A lot of people love the HD650 but many, including myself, believe the sound is veiled.  I owned a pair but sold them after a couple of weeks.  That said, I used them with a tube headamp and I might have like them more with a SS headamp.  Not sure because I never tried it.
New Posts  All Forums: