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 Thank you.  This is excellent information.   It explains a lot.
These are my first AKG so I can't compare.  I do have enough power so that should not be a problem.  I expect the NOS DAC and the tube amp will smooth out the highs, however, I expect those two together will be a little too much.  We'll see.
Massdrop K7XX Serial# 184 are in the house and burning in.  Listened to them a little and just about as expected.  Nice soundstage.  Nice mid-bass. A little lean.  We'll see what burn-in does.   Looking forward to seeing how they sound with NOS DAC and also tube amp.  So many options.
 That explains it.  Thank you!
I just tried it again and the code makes no difference.  I put my address in but not my credit card number.  I would not think that would make any difference to get the code to reduce the price.
Not sure what they might do now but I was quoted $999.  I'll get these before too long but that's not low enough to make me jump. 
There is a link toward the bottom of the checkout "Do you have a promo code".  Click on this and a dialog block opens.  The code provided a few pages earlier no longer works however.
 Any answer to this question?  I am considering trying them again but I couldn't find where the code goes.
 Good point!
I owned the HD650 and they sounded veiled to me.  I like a somewhat bright sound and that is not what the HD650 is. You might want to research them before you put down your money.  Many people love them, and many, like me, hear them as veiled.  You'll have to decide for yourself.
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