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  The serial number is on the inside of the left headband.  It matches the H-SNo.
I am the very very happy owner of K7XX #184 which I've had for a few days now.    I posted, in another thread, that I had received them and MrEleventy responded indicating they definitely need an amp and providing the following link:  http://lsirui.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/k701-vs-hd650-electrical-measurement/   Based on the findings by that author I expect the K7XX can use serious power to meet their full potential.    Didn't know if this information is somewhere...
Sonic Sense has them on eBay for $559.   Hope I don't regret not getting them.
 Thank you.  This is excellent information.   It explains a lot.
These are my first AKG so I can't compare.  I do have enough power so that should not be a problem.  I expect the NOS DAC and the tube amp will smooth out the highs, however, I expect those two together will be a little too much.  We'll see.
Massdrop K7XX Serial# 184 are in the house and burning in.  Listened to them a little and just about as expected.  Nice soundstage.  Nice mid-bass. A little lean.  We'll see what burn-in does.   Looking forward to seeing how they sound with NOS DAC and also tube amp.  So many options.
 That explains it.  Thank you!
I just tried it again and the code makes no difference.  I put my address in but not my credit card number.  I would not think that would make any difference to get the code to reduce the price.
Not sure what they might do now but I was quoted $999.  I'll get these before too long but that's not low enough to make me jump. 
There is a link toward the bottom of the checkout "Do you have a promo code".  Click on this and a dialog block opens.  The code provided a few pages earlier no longer works however.
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