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Great!  I really appreciate it.  I'll PM you if I muck up my housing and need a replacement. 
Can you describe how you did it?  I appreciate the offer of the housings.  I may have to take you up on it.
Does anyone know of a method of removing the grado drivers without destroying the plastic housing they're glued into at the factory?   I can easily cut out the drivers but I'd like to save the factory housing.  If I don't like the woodies I'd like to return to my present mod which I really like..
Great!  Nothing quite as good as functional and on sale.  I'll check the local RS in a couple of minutes.
Which model of the Auvio will fit?  I am looking for a relatively inexpensive set of headphones to use as a holder for my experimental Alessandro driver based woodies.  I'm into function, not appearance or comfort, and my woodies presently are 50mm diameter.  I can reduce them further if necessary to fit the frame. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
I wanted to buy those but I found reviews that said they weren't as good as the Grados.  I paid $50 for the Grados.   If you search you can find details.
I have done the MS1 extension out of plumbing pipe and GS1000 pads and I really like it. Now I am making limba wood cups, including an extension, with the side wall 1-2mm thicker than the original.   I plan to take the driver out of the original and then install it in the wooden cups (oiled and sanded to a tight fit) the same distance from the outside "grid" as the original.  I will use GS1000 pads.   Does anyone know if this is likely to result in a perceived...
Thank you for the information.  I have glued the limba blocks and will start on the lathe tomorrow.  I will probably approach the first set as a prototype and build them the same way you did, so that I don't have to resolder them too much. Thanks for the info.  
That's amazing!  I expect you can use them regardless of thickness.  Just plane them down then cut and glue to the desirfed thickness. This could affect the sonic qualities, but I don't expect it would be too much.  I will be interested to hear what others think.
I have Alessandro MS1i and am in the process of making wooden cups for them.      In “The Great Grado Experiment,” how are the drivers installed in the wooden cups?   What makes the installation firm enough to use the benefits of the wooden cups?
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