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I have done the MS1 extension out of plumbing pipe and GS1000 pads and I really like it. Now I am making limba wood cups, including an extension, with the side wall 1-2mm thicker than the original.   I plan to take the driver out of the original and then install it in the wooden cups (oiled and sanded to a tight fit) the same distance from the outside "grid" as the original.  I will use GS1000 pads.   Does anyone know if this is likely to result in a perceived...
Thank you for the information.  I have glued the limba blocks and will start on the lathe tomorrow.  I will probably approach the first set as a prototype and build them the same way you did, so that I don't have to resolder them too much. Thanks for the info.  
That's amazing!  I expect you can use them regardless of thickness.  Just plane them down then cut and glue to the desirfed thickness. This could affect the sonic qualities, but I don't expect it would be too much.  I will be interested to hear what others think.
I have Alessandro MS1i and am in the process of making wooden cups for them.      In “The Great Grado Experiment,” how are the drivers installed in the wooden cups?   What makes the installation firm enough to use the benefits of the wooden cups?
I haven't looked very much, but in looking for limba, I found Woodworkers Source in Arizona.  I am in Phoenix for the winter so I just ran down there and picked some up.  I got carried away and bought a couple of board feet of limba and same amount of iroko....more than a lifetime supply I expect.  Started working on my first set of limba cups today.
I don't think that $30 is bad.  Its the wait that would kill me.
I expect the MS Ultimate also need the felt lining.  Anyway, this is very easy to try and remove if you decide you don't like it. I made a pilot test version out of two plumbing fixtures in less than 2 hours.  Of course, I used a lathe to speed up the cutting process, but all you really need is a vice to hold the fitting, a hacksaw to cut it, and a couple of files to file it down to final dimensions. If I'm successful in making woodies to replace the whole cup on my...
nickchen Thank you for the response.  I will stick with the dimensions in your first post. I appreciate all the work you have done on this thread.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of modifying headphones but I couldn't do it without people like you. Thanks again.
The last couple of days I have been looking around for some new headphones to play with.  I like to find value-priced headphones that can be improved significantly with modifications.  I was going to go with the Samson SR850, but I found the Alessandro MS-1 and this thread so I'm sold.......and I'm a longtime audiophile and a big fan of Joe Grado, who I had the honor of speaking to many years ago.   I have ordered the MS-1i and will order the G-Cush pads in the next...
I'm pretty much like you.  After listening to them again, I realized they're better than I remembered but with my present headphones (Fostex T50RP mod DBV#3) I really like the 6N6P. I will be modifying some Superlux HD-681 in the next couple of weeks so we'll see if they change my opinion on any of the tubes.
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