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When I got my Sunrise II I went on a hunt and bought all the tubes I read about where many people like them. The Amperex Orange Globes were among them as was the TJ Full Music. I believe the Orange Globes are good tubes and you can't go wrong with them but I would say it depends on your tastes and the headphones you use. With my Sunrise 2, my favorites are the early 60s 6N23P-EV and the 6N6P. If you like what may be a slightly "bright" sound with extended highs I would...
Thank you for the review.  I will be making a few sets of cups over the winter and I was looking forward to the review.   I expect cherry will be added to my wood selection.  I already have limba and iroko.   Do you like the Sennheiser sound as much as the Grado's?  The PX100 are pretty cheap so I may just have to try them.
Thanks!  I haven't ordered them yet.... I finished my first set of limba wood cups, and as a test, I put into them the 40mm drivers from a set of $10 Auvio headphones I got at RadioShack on Black Friday.  They improved the sound of the Auvios quite a bit and now I'm trying to decide what to do as a next step.  I can put the drivers from my Alessandro MS1i in the limba wood cups, however, I am really reticent to rip drivers out of a brand new set of headphones that I truly...
Thank you.  I had been searching on Magnum.  I expect I will be ordering a set pretty soon.....just have to do a little research first to confirm that's what I want.
wje, thanks for the anecdote.  I had been thinking I would make something out of wood on the lathe that would just put pressure on the outer edge of the driver, but I expect a socket of the correct size will do the same thing. I will be trying it.   I am planning to use this method to install the drivers in my cups.  I will sand the cups to the exact size (trial and error) and then press the drivers into them.  It should make installation and removal much easier. And I'm...
Great!  I really appreciate it.  I'll PM you if I muck up my housing and need a replacement. 
Can you describe how you did it?  I appreciate the offer of the housings.  I may have to take you up on it.
Does anyone know of a method of removing the grado drivers without destroying the plastic housing they're glued into at the factory?   I can easily cut out the drivers but I'd like to save the factory housing.  If I don't like the woodies I'd like to return to my present mod which I really like..
Great!  Nothing quite as good as functional and on sale.  I'll check the local RS in a couple of minutes.
Which model of the Auvio will fit?  I am looking for a relatively inexpensive set of headphones to use as a holder for my experimental Alessandro driver based woodies.  I'm into function, not appearance or comfort, and my woodies presently are 50mm diameter.  I can reduce them further if necessary to fit the frame. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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