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I don't think that $30 is bad.  Its the wait that would kill me.
I expect the MS Ultimate also need the felt lining.  Anyway, this is very easy to try and remove if you decide you don't like it. I made a pilot test version out of two plumbing fixtures in less than 2 hours.  Of course, I used a lathe to speed up the cutting process, but all you really need is a vice to hold the fitting, a hacksaw to cut it, and a couple of files to file it down to final dimensions. If I'm successful in making woodies to replace the whole cup on my...
nickchen Thank you for the response.  I will stick with the dimensions in your first post. I appreciate all the work you have done on this thread.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of modifying headphones but I couldn't do it without people like you. Thanks again.
The last couple of days I have been looking around for some new headphones to play with.  I like to find value-priced headphones that can be improved significantly with modifications.  I was going to go with the Samson SR850, but I found the Alessandro MS-1 and this thread so I'm sold.......and I'm a longtime audiophile and a big fan of Joe Grado, who I had the honor of speaking to many years ago.   I have ordered the MS-1i and will order the G-Cush pads in the next...
I'm pretty much like you.  After listening to them again, I realized they're better than I remembered but with my present headphones (Fostex T50RP mod DBV#3) I really like the 6N6P. I will be modifying some Superlux HD-681 in the next couple of weeks so we'll see if they change my opinion on any of the tubes.
Whats your take on them? I have a grey plate and a black plate Sylvania (both reportedly from the 50s) and initially I was not impressed but I just took a quick listen to the grey plate and I was quite taken by the airiness and the openness of the soundstage...hard to describe but sounds very musical and has qualities I believe missing from the Russian tubes I really like. I will do more listening this evening.
I now pretty much agree with what Mshenay posted above.   After much more listening and experimentation I now believe that I can't tell the difference between a couple of free "bitperfect" Foobar options and JPLAY.   To get "bitperfect" audio, I installed the ASIO4ALL driver and modified the Foobar preferences to use it.  It is superb.   I had read that ASIO4ALL is actually kernel streaming so installed the (experimental)  Foobar kernel streaming component and...
Jeremy really know these Russian tubes and he's dead on with this one.  I only listen  to a DBV#3 Modified Fostex. This is a really good match.  The Fostex really bloom with the power provided by the Sunrise II.
I have about 25 tubes and and I really like about 20 of them, but right now the 6N6P is my favorite.
Look forward to hearing your perceptions of these tubes.  I have a number of the tubes you mention.
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