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Thank you for the Link.  I have read that thread quite a bit but I still want to check it some more.  I am looking for some foam tape but haven't been able to find any so far.  I like the idea of a press fit into the wood much better, but I expect I will experiment a bit and I know all my cups won't be the exact same size and I will try a few different drivers which I'm sure won't be the same size. If anyone know a source of foam tape I would appreciate the information.
I expect to find out in the near future.  nickchen, a couple of questions:  Is the Ultimate clearly better than the MS1K?  Anywhere near worth 5 times the price?  What the best driver you have heard in your "Grado" type cups?
 Thank you for the information.  I'm not familiar any of Marty's product or his website but they do look really nice. So far I have been turning my cups on a lathe and have been building in the spacers.  I like the idea of a removable spacer (like I have on my MS1s) and I will probably make a couple out of wood.  One of the great things about using the G-cush pads is that with 14mm spacers you can barely see the spacers and I expect with the 11mm spacers the spacer is...
Amazing how long these folks take to get the product to the buyer....like buying Russian tubes from an ebayer in Siberia except that in Russia the postal tracking system is updated more frequently.   I ordered my drivers December 17th.  DHL notified of order December 23, processed in Singapore terminal December 27.  Thats it!   I hope they're worth the wait.
Are you using the 14mm distance?  I made one set of limba cups with the 14mm spacer built in.  I haven't used them yet for a couple of reasons:  I love just listening to the MS1s (with distancers and G-cush) that I've only had a couple of weeks, and the turbulent X drivers I ordered haven't arrived yet. Should be here in a weeks. I'm not sure how the limba cups will sound because I put a load of oil and wax on them before I realized I probably shouldn't do that.
The "black plate" refers to the vertical plate in the tube.  These are generally various shades of gray but can also be black or silver, The mica is the horizontal "stabilizer" that helps hold everything in place.  The triple mica generally signifies a higher quality tube.....often for the military. Just do a Google image search on "triple mica black plate vacuum tube" for a picture.
The Sylvania might be a little hard to find. There are other triple mica black plates that are quite similar and preferred by some.  You might take a read of Joe's Tube Lore (he reviewed most of them) and see which of these you might want to go with.  There are a few of these at good prices on the bay right now. I had pretty much switched to using Russian tubes, but now I am using Alessandro "Grado" headphones I am back to the American/European standards.  The Grado...
Mouser, I assumed that you had gotten a Russian tube with your Sunrise 2.   I tend to like the Russian tubes although all but a couple of my 20+ tubes sound great. There are just slight but appreciable differences.   My hobby is actually the equipment, not the music.   Yes, both the 60s 6N23P-EV and the 60s 6N2P are Russian.  I left in the mention of the 60s because with the Ruskie tubes I believe the year (best between 60s and early 80s) does make some difference that...
 I expect spaced evenly would be best but I doubt it is crucial.
Haven't owned or read any reports on this specific tube.  I have a 1958 Tung-Sol but I haven't listened to it for quite a while.  How does this tube and your Mullard compare to the Russian tubes you have heard?   I am particularly interested in your opinion because I recently got a pair of Alessandro MS1i and I love the Grado sound.  I also have found that these headphones change my taste in tubes a little.  I really like the 60s 6N23P-ev that I have and I even like a...
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