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 Since the 6N6P statement, I have acquired a few different headphones and now I tend to lean toward the 6N23P-EV.  The older ones of these are becoming harder to find and I like them so much I have acquired 3.......all Reflector plant which I like better than the Voskhod. I have checked out the 6N30P-DR on the bay but haven't pulled the trigger on the older Reflector version. Have you compared the vintage version with the Sovtek or Electro Harmonix?  I believe that Jeremy...
Thank you for the review.  I am building woodies and I am thinking that the direction of the grain relative to the driver is important.  Does the wood grain on these woodies run perpendicular to the driver as I would expect?   A simple answer would be appreciated as I have no desire to hijack the thread.
The link didn't work for me but searching on ebay for the item number 171208901037 works.  I was able to get a couple of pair at RS on Black Friday but these look about the same and cost less.  Should work fine.
I have really been enjoying my modified MS1i and have moved on to making "Grado" type wood cups.    Does anyone have experience with woodies that have the distancer built in?  I made one pair but have not tried them because right now I really don't want to liberate my MS1i drivers unless I'm sure the woodies will provide significant improvement.
Thanks for this information.  I received my Turbulent S a couple of days ago and just finished mounting them in some iroko cups I finished making today.  I wasn't sure the best way to mount the drivers so I put them directly into the wood without any foam strips. I may try them with a very thin strip of electrical tape because I don't have room for foam tape.  I will make a couple of more sets of cups (limba, cherry, walnut ??) and make one or more of them big enough to...
I'll let you know.  I will probably try to get a couple of iroko cups cut to right dimensions tomorrow so I can start to listen to them.  If I like the combination I'll make some and finish them up.  I will also probably make some limba cups.
I just received my Turbulent X and subsequently a surprise.  I assumed that these were 40mm drivers and that I read a post indicating that they are 40.6 mm.  The ones I received are 46mm diameter so back to the woodshop.   As luck would have it, I just started on some 45mm cups this morning.  Now instead of putting in the drivers from some 225i, they will get the Turbulent X.     EDIT:  Just did a search and sure enough on the previous page of this thread Levictus...
Thanks again.  More useful information.  I'm not so much sold on the "Grado" sound but I like a really open and airy sound stage with detail.   I am looking forward to receiving the Magnum/Turbulent X.  I like the Alessandros so I expect I will like the Xs.
 Thank you for this information.  It give me hope for my Turbulent X drivers and adds some valuable perspective to my knowledge of Grados. I keep waiting for the Turbulent X and I'm not even sure I will like them any more than my Alessandro MS1i which I already have.  I have been considering buying a GS1000 or possibly a PS1000 but one of my winter hobbies (when I have access to the wood shop) is making wooden cups and modding headphones to perform significantly better...
Thank you!  I will go ahead and order a roll of that if shipping is not too bad.
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