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They are easy to drive, but they can really use the power which will bring out the best the headphones have to offer.  Now that I have my Project Sunrise II, I can't even listen to my Fostex using my iBasso D10. 
Has anyone tried the Mr. Speakers Alpha pads with any of the DBV mods.  It seems that the 840 pads fit my head OK, but a tighter fit might help and I know the 840 pads are a little loose below my ears.
Not sure what you might be interested in but the following is a 6AQ8 Mullard for $13.99 including shipping.  If I didn't already have 3 Mullards I'd get it just for grins.  
I use PowerAmp and it seems to be the best one.  I don't think the player should make a difference but you might go ahead and try another one just to make sure.   I have a D10 and it works flawlessly.  I expect you might approach this now as though the problem is in the D10 and not in the phone.  Of course, as soon as you input another USB audio source and it works, you've ruled out a problem with the D10.   Make sure the battery in the D10 is fully charged.   Try...   Would this work?   Anyone know if replacing the wall wart with something like this should be an improvement?   I have a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and the Paradox regulated power supply reportedly made a huge improvement. I wouldn't know because I haven't heard it without the Paradox, but I do believe it. 
Well guys, I found what I was looking for.  Now I just have to decide whether to do it, how to go about it, and if it would be worth the effort.  I think I will probably do some reading on basic speaker design before I expend much effort..  
I have been toying with the idea of making wooden cups, ala Smeggy.  Does anyone know of any plans or a guide to do this?  I know that Smeggy said, at one time, that he would share his plans, but I don't think he ever did.  My thought was to transfer most of the DBV#3 mods to wooden cups and go from there.
  Thank you for the feedback on the Brimar.  I have almost purchased one of these, but now I won't.  I will receive a couple of used Mullards soon.  Hope they are better than the Brimar.   The Siemens Halske also get very good reviews.  Hope you have more luck with it.  I expect it will be very good.   I have number of tubes I have received recently and I like most of them.  I have an Amperex 6201 E81CC gold pin that is presently my favorite and a Telefunken made Mazda...
Guys, I happened to have my Sunrise II manual handy.  Regarding setting voltage, under Manual Bias Setting Using a Multi Meter it states "Dial in each side to around 12VDC."   On the next to the last page (no heading) it states "The 6V/12V jumper allows you to use both 6 and 12 volt tubes.  Before powering on your amplifier, you must make sure what voltage your tube runs at and set it accordingly via the jumper.  Attach the jumper tab to the center pin and to the side...
Great!  I use a set of earbuds as the load and put a pillow over them.  Can't hear a thing.  
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