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I have really been enjoying my modified MS1i and have moved on to making "Grado" type wood cups.    Does anyone have experience with woodies that have the distancer built in?  I made one pair but have not tried them because right now I really don't want to liberate my MS1i drivers unless I'm sure the woodies will provide significant improvement.
Thanks for this information.  I received my Turbulent S a couple of days ago and just finished mounting them in some iroko cups I finished making today.  I wasn't sure the best way to mount the drivers so I put them directly into the wood without any foam strips. I may try them with a very thin strip of electrical tape because I don't have room for foam tape.  I will make a couple of more sets of cups (limba, cherry, walnut ??) and make one or more of them big enough to...
I'll let you know.  I will probably try to get a couple of iroko cups cut to right dimensions tomorrow so I can start to listen to them.  If I like the combination I'll make some and finish them up.  I will also probably make some limba cups.
I just received my Turbulent X and subsequently a surprise.  I assumed that these were 40mm drivers and that I read a post indicating that they are 40.6 mm.  The ones I received are 46mm diameter so back to the woodshop.   As luck would have it, I just started on some 45mm cups this morning.  Now instead of putting in the drivers from some 225i, they will get the Turbulent X.     EDIT:  Just did a search and sure enough on the previous page of this thread Levictus...
Thanks again.  More useful information.  I'm not so much sold on the "Grado" sound but I like a really open and airy sound stage with detail.   I am looking forward to receiving the Magnum/Turbulent X.  I like the Alessandros so I expect I will like the Xs.
 Thank you for this information.  It give me hope for my Turbulent X drivers and adds some valuable perspective to my knowledge of Grados. I keep waiting for the Turbulent X and I'm not even sure I will like them any more than my Alessandro MS1i which I already have.  I have been considering buying a GS1000 or possibly a PS1000 but one of my winter hobbies (when I have access to the wood shop) is making wooden cups and modding headphones to perform significantly better...
Thank you!  I will go ahead and order a roll of that if shipping is not too bad.
Thank you for the Link.  I have read that thread quite a bit but I still want to check it some more.  I am looking for some foam tape but haven't been able to find any so far.  I like the idea of a press fit into the wood much better, but I expect I will experiment a bit and I know all my cups won't be the exact same size and I will try a few different drivers which I'm sure won't be the same size. If anyone know a source of foam tape I would appreciate the information.
I expect to find out in the near future.  nickchen, a couple of questions:  Is the Ultimate clearly better than the MS1K?  Anywhere near worth 5 times the price?  What the best driver you have heard in your "Grado" type cups?
 Thank you for the information.  I'm not familiar any of Marty's product or his website but they do look really nice. So far I have been turning my cups on a lathe and have been building in the spacers.  I like the idea of a removable spacer (like I have on my MS1s) and I will probably make a couple out of wood.  One of the great things about using the G-cush pads is that with 14mm spacers you can barely see the spacers and I expect with the 11mm spacers the spacer is...
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