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 Looking forward to your first impressions. 
I'm looking forward to hearing your evaluation and comparison.
 I have read somewhere that someone did this.  I believe he filled the cups with liquid plasti-dip and let them dry for quite a while.  I read an ongoing discussion between the modder and bluemonkeyflyer.  My recollection is that it worked but was not an improvement on the existing mods described in this thread. It also required the modder to go thru a lengthy experimentation process to equal what had already been accomplished.
Glad to hear you got the sound you wanted.
 I think the cloth idea is a good one, but I would start with a stiff felt cut it to fit inside the distancer.  I have used Creatology stiff felt from Michaels.  If this reduces the highs too much try thinner felt if you can find it and also try punching small (5mm) holes in the felt until you get the sound you desire.
Check out the headphone amps from garage1217.  I expect there are a couple of them that meet your criteria.    I know they send many to Europe.   The garage1217 team live in the US and Netherlands. The amps are available in kit form and can also be ordered ready built for a bit more.   I have a Sunrise II and I am presently shopping for a T90.
 Are any of your 6N23P tubes the EV version?  I have found that I like these better.  I had a 6N23P Voskhod 1985 but I like the Reflector a bit more, especially the EV version.  I have never seen the EV version from any plant other than Reflector. If I can get a decent deal on the Electro Harmonix 6N30-DR I may spring for one of them.  Aren't these made in one of the old Russian plants?
 Since the 6N6P statement, I have acquired a few different headphones and now I tend to lean toward the 6N23P-EV.  The older ones of these are becoming harder to find and I like them so much I have acquired 3.......all Reflector plant which I like better than the Voskhod. I have checked out the 6N30P-DR on the bay but haven't pulled the trigger on the older Reflector version. Have you compared the vintage version with the Sovtek or Electro Harmonix?  I believe that Jeremy...
Thank you for the review.  I am building woodies and I am thinking that the direction of the grain relative to the driver is important.  Does the wood grain on these woodies run perpendicular to the driver as I would expect?   A simple answer would be appreciated as I have no desire to hijack the thread.
The link didn't work for me but searching on ebay for the item number 171208901037 works.  I was able to get a couple of pair at RS on Black Friday but these look about the same and cost less.  Should work fine.
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