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The magnum drivers are 45.6mm in diameter but the can be sanded down a little bit.  You can also use tape to expand them a little.  I used a layer of electrical tape to get a really snug fit. Some use foam tape but I wouldn't want to do that on wooden cups.  On closed cups the foam tape might be better.    I am not sure of the depth but Grados I have are 9mm at the edge and about 12mm in the center at the magnet. I expect the magnums are close to that.   I just...
 If you want to check these out in the US RadioShack carries a version of this headphone.  At RS they're either $25 or $29, not sure which.  I got a couple on Black Friday for $10 each.  They do work but they are cheaply made. 
Thanks for the comparison.  I will pass up the 6N30P-DR for a while.    I may try a couple of E182CC tubes after I  make an adapter but I'm not sure.  I already have 30 different tubes and I'm beginning to doubt that I will find anything better than I already have.
 Looking forward to your first impressions. 
I'm looking forward to hearing your evaluation and comparison.
 I have read somewhere that someone did this.  I believe he filled the cups with liquid plasti-dip and let them dry for quite a while.  I read an ongoing discussion between the modder and bluemonkeyflyer.  My recollection is that it worked but was not an improvement on the existing mods described in this thread. It also required the modder to go thru a lengthy experimentation process to equal what had already been accomplished.
Glad to hear you got the sound you wanted.
 I think the cloth idea is a good one, but I would start with a stiff felt cut it to fit inside the distancer.  I have used Creatology stiff felt from Michaels.  If this reduces the highs too much try thinner felt if you can find it and also try punching small (5mm) holes in the felt until you get the sound you desire.
Check out the headphone amps from garage1217.  I expect there are a couple of them that meet your criteria.    I know they send many to Europe.   The garage1217 team live in the US and Netherlands. The amps are available in kit form and can also be ordered ready built for a bit more.   I have a Sunrise II and I am presently shopping for a T90.
 Are any of your 6N23P tubes the EV version?  I have found that I like these better.  I had a 6N23P Voskhod 1985 but I like the Reflector a bit more, especially the EV version.  I have never seen the EV version from any plant other than Reflector. If I can get a decent deal on the Electro Harmonix 6N30-DR I may spring for one of them.  Aren't these made in one of the old Russian plants?
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