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 Tubes use a lot more energy than transistors and consequently produce quite a bit of heat. I would turn the amp off if I was not going to use it for a while. I don't know if the additional heating/cooling cycles would shorten the life of the tube or not. With most tubes I figure 30 hours of running to get them pretty close to their potential, however, I don't have a lot of experience burning in tubes beyond that point.
  I'm thinking about these guys.. $25 including shipping is pretty good.  I wish I could hear from someone who had tried them.
Keith, That is really slick!....and I thought I had found something of interest.
This may not be the ideal place to post this, but I think it may be very helpful in tube rolling, interpreting posts, and possibly describing sounds.  It was written by many contributors to assist in mastering recordings.   20 Hz and below - impossible to detect, remove as it only adds unnecessary energy to the total sound, thereby most probably holding down the overall volume of the track 60 Hz and below - sub bass (feel only) 80(-100) Hz - feel AND hear...
  I'll be interested in reading your reports.   I just put in one of the RCA blackplate, triple mica, 5814A (turns out they're both 5814A).  I let the tube warm up, adjusted the bias and listened to short pieces of a few tracks that I listen to all the time.  The tube sounded amazing, and right now I can't say that I've heard anything better, however, one of my problems is that almost everything I listen to sounds amazing on the Sunrise II.   I have listened to 16+ tubes...
  Thank you Mop!   I'll have to take a look and see whats out there. Money is not really a restraint but I hate to buy a $100 tube unless I have pretty good reason to believe it will be really nice.    I just scored a couple of used RCA triple mica, black plates, angled square getter,  the other day for $15, one a 12au7 and the other a 5814A.  I haven't listened to them yet but I surely will later today.  I also bought a NOS 1957 Tung-Sol 12AU7 for $20 that sound really...
Thank you stupidmop.  I expect they would perform quite similarly in Sunrise II as the Indeed.   What about Raytheon blackplate windmill getter?  They're about the same price.  Or, something you liked better?   Thank you.
Anyone heard the fabled (Joe's Tube Law) 50's Sylvania 5751 black plate, triple mica in a Sunrise?  I am considering trying but they go for around $100 and I don't know if the design of the Sunrise lends itself to use of 5751s.  
Thank you for the reply.  I would have done it at $49 but not $59 because I doubt they'll help the sound much and I don't have a problem with comfort.   I'll still keep my eyes open for a sale however.  
Anybody know what happened to the price of Mr. Speakers Alpha Pads.  I had checked them before and they were $49 but now I'm getting $59 plus shipping.     Was there a sale before or did the prices just go up?    Is there a coupon somewhere?
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