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In choosing an amp for the K7XX go for the most power you can get.  They really need power to bloom.  Earlier in this thread I provided a link to an article describing a study that showed the K7XX really needs the power. The Matrix M-Stage, for instance is a really nice amp, and I'm sure it sounds good but IMO it really does not have enough power for the K7XX.  Even though I have a Burson Soloist I plan on getting a project Ember in the near future as a "more Powerful"...
At 300 ohms the Schiit Asgard 2 puts out 380mW.  Sorry but I don't believe that is near enough to make the HD650 bloom. 
What's the lowest these have been?  CCC shows $313 but we know thats not right.
Sorry but I was wrong about the phone number.  I sent them an e-mail and the main man (forget the name) responded very quickly.
After all these positive comments I'm now shopping for an HD650.  Let's hope I find a deal!
 I wish you guys wouldn't make posts like this. I may have to buy a set. I had the HD650 for a couple of weeks and didn't think too much of them...thought they were veiled.  However, the amp I had at that time had much less power than the amp (Burson Soloist) I have now and I may have to buy another set of HD650 just to see if the Soloist will lift that veil.  I am a firm believer that more power is always good. I am also a believer that if so many people love these...
I don't have a link.  It was one of their deals where I had to send them a message on their website and they got back to me with an e-mail.  If you call them I expect there is a chance they might do it.
Me too!  Best offer I have had is $999 from BuySonic but I would like better than that.
I would be really interested in hearing about any modding.possibilities, and, of course, Keith is the man!
Merry Christmas Keith!
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