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I am planning a trip to Hong Kong in a few months.  Does anyone know the going price for Audio Technica Audio ATH AD2000X in Hong Kong.  I believe that is one headphone that I can get in HK for much less than in US.
Thanks for the recommendation Oktyabr.  I'll read up on all three.  I expect I'll end up buying one or more AKGs.  I figure as long as I get a decent price, I can always sell them and not lose too much.   Thanks again.
I've had my K7XX for a couple of months now and I really enjoy the very wide soundstage and the spacing of the instruments....like the sound is coming from outside the headphone cups. In looking for something I'd like even more than the K7XX, the logical choice seems to be the AKG K812.   Anyone heard any headphones that do what I want.?  I think I'd describe what I want as the very wide soundstage of the K7XX with possibly more detail and even greater clarity/fluidity.
 I expect the K7XX will work for you.  I listen to them a lot primarily because of the soundstage.  If possible, you should also listen to some Grado's. I believe the strength of the K7XX is the soundstage.  I was surprised by it.
In choosing an amp for the K7XX go for the most power you can get.  They really need power to bloom.  Earlier in this thread I provided a link to an article describing a study that showed the K7XX really needs the power. The Matrix M-Stage, for instance is a really nice amp, and I'm sure it sounds good but IMO it really does not have enough power for the K7XX.  Even though I have a Burson Soloist I plan on getting a project Ember in the near future as a "more Powerful"...
At 300 ohms the Schiit Asgard 2 puts out 380mW.  Sorry but I don't believe that is near enough to make the HD650 bloom. 
What's the lowest these have been?  CCC shows $313 but we know thats not right.
Sorry but I was wrong about the phone number.  I sent them an e-mail and the main man (forget the name) responded very quickly.
After all these positive comments I'm now shopping for an HD650.  Let's hope I find a deal!
 I wish you guys wouldn't make posts like this. I may have to buy a set. I had the HD650 for a couple of weeks and didn't think too much of them...thought they were veiled.  However, the amp I had at that time had much less power than the amp (Burson Soloist) I have now and I may have to buy another set of HD650 just to see if the Soloist will lift that veil.  I am a firm believer that more power is always good. I am also a believer that if so many people love these...
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