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Thank you Yoga, for the recommendation.  I will try it in the next couple of days.
I have purchased the headphone plugin and have it working well on Windows 10 in Foobar.   I'd like to use the plugin on my MacBook also but I don't want to have to buy JRiver.  Does the plugin work with any of the free or relatively inexpensive music players for Mac?
 Thank you. I will probably try Yohng's VST adapter.I was having trouble with the Win 10 upgrade on that machine so I wiped it and did a complete new Win 10 install. I've got the plugin working but I can get the up-sampling to 24/192 to work. I can get a 192KHZ test tone but cant get 192Khz out of Foobar.I just realized that Win 10 probably cannot pass through 24/192 so I'lI probably have to change it to 16/192. I'll try that tomorrow.Thanks again.EDIT: Changed Win 10...
 I got the plugin working on a MacBook using JRiver but I want to try it on my Windows 10 laptop. Everything goes fine on the Windows 10 laptop until the activation.  The only way I could see to activate the plugin was to highlight Sonarworks in the DSP Manager and click on "Configure Selected."  At this point the activation screen shows up but everything locks up completely.
 I agree with Bob on the value of this buy.  I have owned a number of much more expensive headphones and these were a heck of a deal.  I really enjoy them and they really get me going.  I thought that the K7XX was a steal but I consider these X2 even moreso. 
I'm pretty sure mine was the only one available that just mentioned a blemish on the packaging.  The description turned out to be correct and the blemish was hard to notice even.
 Mine was just like new.  Not sure if it had ever been out of the box. I am thrilled with them.  I have the LCD3 which is clearly more refined but the X2 really gets me involved.
Pretty sure you won't find it.  ifi apparently controls the price of their products pretty well.  There was one on eBay a couple of months ago for a lot less but it was taken down after a couple of days. Good luck because it gets great reviews.
Thanks you. Just ordered one.  I was really impressed by the sound of the Uptown and Downtown a few years ago and I expect I will like the X2s. For other who don't want to spend quite that much, I just received and e-mail from Massdrop with the Fidelio L1 at $119.99.  Don't know much about these but I expect thats a pretty good headphone for the price.
smaragd thank you for the information.  I'll check prices as I get closer to my trip date.
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