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12AU7A is an updated 12AU7 - Entirely compatible. 
Hi there   I have a NOS NIB Tung Sol black glass black plate 12AU7 I'm selling (ordered six weeks ago, but just arrived) - Please see my signature for link to listing (sorry Lachlan - I need to sell).    Also the following: Matched pair NOS NIB 6AS7G RCA JAN NOS NIB Tung Sol clear top 12AU7A Tung Sol clear top 12AU7 (used but strong, printed marking rubbed off) 3 x used but strong Tungsram E80CC (white box) - Only 1 left Quite a few Baldwin branded but Japanese...
Thanks for reading.   I purchased this tube about six weeks ago, but it has only just arrived.  In the intervening period I sold the amp that uses this tube type.    Purchased for $85 US (before shipping) but selling for $70.00 plus shipping (I will take care of Paypal fees).   The following data was provided by the original seller:   Actual Brand: Tung-Sol (Vintage) Printed Brand: Tung-Sol Type: 12AU7 [ECC82] Number of Tubes: Single Plate Construction: Black...
Price drop!    I need to sell - Have severe depression, agrophobia and cannot work. 
Perhaps you would just end up associating music with pain. 
f1l2e 3s4y 5m6l7l 8i 9k1o2t 3t4 n5a6w7i
Sold! Thanks everyone.
Well done.  Keep it up.  I will be back in a couple of weeks I hope.
Again Sennheiser have let down Australians.
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