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 Those look silly to me. .. K400's or nothing when it comes to portability! well... over here since ive been in uni  no one on campus seems to have a sense of quality for the most part. Alot of skullcandy FMJs, and Bose IEMS. hardly any fullsized. I did see one Grado, but as I dont know what models they offer on the back of my head I cant exactly call it off the top of my head All I know is I saw "Grado Labs Prestige" NO ONE with AKGs besides me, which doesnt help me...
Hey guys on my hunt for the cheapest AKG I could get my hands on I stumbled on a  ebay seller that had em for $11, so they just arrived. I have Not taken a listen to them yet... as Im unsure if theyre fake or not... according to the codes on the back of the box, it is indeed the real thing but the color of the AKG insignia on the front is slightly discolored, and the back is slightly darker too, but I can still see through the mesh itself so I am completely Baffled. p.s...
I saw this on ebay!   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190542933596&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT   A pair of K50, with current bid at $10 I feel like this is too much of a bargain for an set that played such an important role in AKGs history, so what exactly is their current value if any?... should I bid?
"The Dell OEM SB Live! (SB020x) is not yet supported since it uses a custom version of the EMU10k1, whose details are unknown." .sadface.  
Well, I had a $700 limit on the new PC, which put most in CPU and screen xD so anything better then the Realtek ALC888 which is the on-board the mobo has lol  It has two PCI slots, which is what this one is. tbh max I'de go for is a $60 card since I have an external AMP/DAC Anyways lol something that could drive 55ohms headphones would help tho :3   4 PCI Express x1 2 PCI (1 alrdy used by internet card) 1 PCI Express x16 (GPU)
Curious to know if anyone has any details on these, and if its ANY good still. I pulled one from a desktop im tossing out for an upgrade. Its from 2002 so I remain skeptical about its abilities.
It could of been much much worse, so always have to be thankful. got shaken up badly here in katsushika but alive nonetheless, i keep hearing they want to upgrade it to 9.1 by the way.   @fraseyboy yes depth also plays a role       with that many buildings standing, it pretty much is leveled.
Just out of curiosity, I'm finally tossing the iphone 2G & Video nano in favor of a iphone 4. I've noticed already that the 2G's sound  is much much better then the nano  when it comes to clarity. Is there much difference between the 2G & 4  in terms of sound quality? from what I read its still 20-20000 output. 
    So I called three places back home I know have K701 demo stations & then one that just started stocking them 6 months ago & asked if any of the models of the 701 had the "made in china" print on the inside of the band or anywhere visible & everyone said No. about the Q701 though... hmm I  would imagine its still made in Austria. though It is a slightly improved K701, in all honestly... when I demo'd them it was slightly better to me then the K701 but not enough to...
"I'm a old customer of AKG products and I loved AKG products so far, because of the high quality AND because it's not produced in China, but in Austria and the pricing reflects that."     I have to sort of agree with this, It seems most of their high-end products are still made in Austria and the pricing does reflect that. 30 euro in Germany for a $100 in-ear model in the U.S, etc. though the models like the K701 have evened out in every single country & models with...
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