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Hey guys I'm wondering if there are any good Wireless IEMs? If they exist at all. I hate cords dangling while running or doing other things so they will be mainly used outdoors. I also like bass heavy music and am looking for under $300.
Hey instead of going on future shop and choosing from whatever looks coolest.. Could somebody tell me what are the good options out there for a computer subwoofer? Like what are the benchmarks and most popular. If there was a thread like there are for open headphones and IEMs but for what I'm looking for, that'd be cool too.
Ice Jump - Al Bizzare
Hey, so Im wondering what your guys' benchmark songs are. By that I mean, you just got a new pair of sick headphones, a song you play that shows you that you made a good decision on your purchase. And if you can, please link a good quality either stream or download, not like youtube or something. I listen to electronic but I am down for any benchmark :)
Does the E17 come with a LOD in it?
What if it was 80% laptop? What is an LOD btw, do I need to buy one if I were to use an amp with my portable?
get beats. YOLO. jk
Hahaha that`s awesome. With that much money he probably doesn`t know what Beats are. Thats a whole nother evel of being rich.
By beats are just like Louis I was implying the sense of a higher status, rather than the same style.  In my mind, I can`t see a guy in a $4000 Prada suit even listening to headphones..
You guys have great non sheep input and I like it. Thanks for the replies, I totally expected to come back to tons of you`re an idiot and never heard (insert phone here) before!
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