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@Audeze do you know how much power (W) The King puts into the LCD-4 (both the 100/200 ohm versions)?
 I didn't get them with my 4's, could you post a picture?
White gloves? Literally?
It looks just like the SE one 
i was looking for balanced, i saw those specs but i don't know how to do the calculations for specific ohms
anyone know what the HA-1's output power is into 100 and 200 ohms?
anyone have experience with the v281 with the integrated DAC?
Happy to report that the LCD-4's are back to sounding great. . Hopefully there are no more problems.
I just got these via the Hifiman tour, and, in my opinion, they sound awesome straight out the iPhone (80-90% of the HE-1000). However, I have reservations about the build quality and sturdiness as they feel cheap and I already have a minor durability issue (one of the cable connections does not snap like you would expect).   Also, I find it weird that some sort of travel case isn't included.
The RMA'd pair got dropped off today. Hopefully they are back to sounding great
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