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How big are these compared to the Audeze LCD's?
Seems like it based on the press release, except with LCD-4 type drivers.
if these are open back, the LCD-i3 seems hard to justify for travel purposes when the LCD-X and XC can be had for $1000 less.
Are these actually open-backed, @Audeze?
did you guys have to contact Audeze to get the 200 ohm replacement drivers? or did they contact you
I own the 900's and the LCD-4's.I can't really speak for the effects of EQ, but the bass is far more neutral and extended on the 4's, and the midbass hump(?) with the 900's become really apparent listening to them side by side. If you are looking for a warm/lush signature I think you will be disappointed with the 4's because I personally perceive them to be accurate and flat across the entire frequency range (which doesn't mean they are bright, just that you might perceive...
I experienced the same thing when switched my Oppo HA-1 from low to high gain. The difference in the bass impact and midrange is significant at comparable volumes.
Late night listening. Haven't seen any pictures of the beautiful kingwood version  
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