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any pictures of the Eikon/Atticus without the earpads @zach915m? Is there anything protecting the driver (e.g. mesh, foam)?
Hey @zach915m I noticed the website now says shipping in March. Does this apply to preorders?
will there be any pad choices? e.g. two Eikon pads instead of an Omni and Eikon?
are there any opportunities for midwest locals to hear these besides AXPONA @zach915m ?
last question to those who have heard it, what price category would you guys put these in value wise?
How big are these compared to the Audeze LCD's?
Seems like it based on the press release, except with LCD-4 type drivers.
if these are open back, the LCD-i3 seems hard to justify for travel purposes when the LCD-X and XC can be had for $1000 less.
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