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These are on the way. I look forward to pairing them with the Centrance M8!
I am looking to sell my Shure SRH1540, purchased at the end of January. It has been well taken care of, and will come with the original packaging and all accessories. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.   Pictures comng soon.
Have you guys been in direct contact with their repair department? They have been very responsive to my emails and questions about timing.
I received my Roxanne's two days ago. While they do sound great, I don't appreciate JH sending them to the wrong address three hours away. Had to get Fedex Office to hold them.  
Which vendor(s) do you think will bring Roxanne's? I'll probably go for a day also.
If anyone cares, moon audio is shipping out universals
What was your order number?
I'm not sure, but isn' the volume control be a digital function? Just because it controls the volume, I wouldn't think that it would mean that the iDevice dac is being used
The AK10 bypasses the internal amp and DAC, so I would think it would get rid of the noise
Have you considered the AK10 / beyerdynamic A200p?
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