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Quote: Originally Posted by MomijiTMO  A whole stack of psychedelic ambient.   Yeah.. lol   Just ordered some more stuff so if you add that... I've got like 35 cds to listen to. should check out di.fm psychill channel, can be pretty good, the cds arent very common to buy though
i had considered something like the HD650 but was told outright they were for classical not for what i listen to at all   depending on how its presented i dont think the sibilance would be too much of an issue, the only time i could see it be annoying if i listen to the metal for an extended period but i dont really do that. i'll keep a look out on the audio meet thread for my city, it look as though it will be in january if it is soon i will go there and im pretty...
hello from OCAU MomijiTMO  :P def interested, the sooner the better. as you might have seen here and on ocau i want new headphones but cant decide, need to go to a meet and take a listen.
thanks for the replys so far peeps, there really is so much to learn. it does seem though that i dont know/cant describe what i really want =\ especially since i have no experience with a wide range of headphones. i might have to find a local audio meet, i live in a pretty big city so there should be a crew i can find. from the posts though it looks as though the DT880 or DT990 suit me best from the list. i dont really want to get secondhand ones but could save...
the 600ohm version? they would be 230 from amazon which is within my range
hey guys, i've been coming here for ages reading threads so i thought i might join and get another opinion, especially since it often comes to personal preference.   currently im using a essence ST with the HD555, one thing id like to note is that i've read reviews saying these are weak on the bass and can be harsh sounding. i've been quite happy with the bass (ive done the "595 mod") and cant really comment on the harshness since i've not had many phones to compare...
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