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Just received my Pro 900's... they're my first pair of on-ear headphones. I'm coming from very high end (Westone 3) IEM's. Absolutely no comparison between the 2.   A couple of things I've noticed right away;   1) they don't sound so good straight out of the iPhone 4, which I excpected. Plugged into an amp they sound MUCH better    2) They leak much more sound than I expected, I like my music loud. My wife can hear me listening to them from across the room. I...
sent you a PM, I'm in Van
I just got my Westone 3 IEM's and I love them. I tried them a few months ago, and couldn't believe the SQ.   I'm definitely not an audiophile, but since I started using them, I'm hearing instruments and sounds in songs I didn't even know were there.   As for comfort, they come with a bunch of different tips, so I think for most people should be able to find something that fits perfectly. I'm using the mid-size grey tips and I don't even know I'm wearing them...
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