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why dont you order the m9 from meelec site?
1) that cable seems to be better for me as i use a clip+, as far as it doesnt affect the SQ though i personally prefer the straight plug...   2) about the adapters , people who already preodered will also get them later?  
wow wow! thats great!! really cant wait for mine to arrive!!! thanks a lot
thanks , now its more clear!
  how female vocals sound??
does this happen with every earphone? will rockbox help on that? not that i really mean to switch but it's good to know...   btw. what is "imaging"?
i guess i get it now. but  what's the big deal hearing the left sound in the right ear and vice-versa? or is it really designed so to give a better sound on each ear??
then you mean up-down , and not left-right?
  what for? doesnt it just sounds the same by using the left on right and right on left??  
great review. is it really imposibble to wear the gr07 straight down??
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