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x2 . the original firmware is simple , just what i need btw. nice to meet people from brasil , im from argentina  
yep. i'd also get another one. cant beat the size and portability. and specially the "CLIP"   $30? is it a 2gb?
if you mean build quality issues, then i had none. and i take it "everywhere" for "everything", working out, running (even cooking) , etc and it even felt once while running and not a scratch. well, i ve used a silicone case almost from the begining at THAT saved my clip+ is yours a new one or a refurbished ?
hey people i've found this site which sells the yuiin ok1 at 90 euro + shipping   though they dont ship everywhere and im not sure its updated but it's worth they try
fabulous pictures!
the new e11 $60 check this   there is also the ibasso t3d   but just ask at that thread ...
i'll say this again: great review !! great pictures too!! and after reading the T3D review, and the comparison here , the only reason i'd get the T3D over the E11 (without considering the price) is because of the size. 2+ bigger, (and heavier) and also the battery life. what i still dont get what is that "digital controlled volume" the T3D has? is that something good, and that E11 doesnt have?
say clie what type of cable have the 3 as-miss feeling and charm ? J-cord?
(sorry  double post)
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