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nice , very nice! gave me good info about the DBA-02
i wonder... is there any iem that doesnt have that problem?
i did have that issues with the regular common traditional and cheap silicone tips that come with those like senns cx series. after a short use the tips got wax inside and sometimes even reached the nozzle itself. so that worries me a bit if i would experience the same with the B2/DBA-02
the only problem i had was in software issues. but no build quality.
good reason! but the problem with the games its that you cant listen while playing games    
can the comply Tx series help with any wax problem? or any other tips??
you mean the B2 have 'wax cleaning' problems ??? that might make me cancel my order!
say clieos. is it posible to ask you to try a few songs with the pk1+e11 ? not right now, but want to know if i you could sometime
nice !!! so this is the 4th version? and still the original v1 gets the Sonic Diamond ?!  
e11 arrived mp4nation $70
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