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hey joker maybe people already asked this , if so then sorry for asking again anyway. i remember you said the W1 "shine"  with female vocals. in the review you mention the re0 and re-zero can compete well with the W1. but how are they compared in this , do they also shine? and what about the re262? thanks
edited: got my pk1.!! YAY.  
well then i should get the pk1. now, where should i buy it? head-direct sell them at $160 + $10 worldwide shipping. but only 3-months warranty? is that ok? or should i buy somewhere else?
but i wonder if the e11 will improve the B2   of course, it's a great just to get both of them
forgot to mention that i'll use a decent amp to get the 100% of them...
great comaparison! from this review  and the "best earbus" , i get that the pk1 are better than the ok1 at a lower volume while the ok1 are better at a higher. ? then , how is that the pk1 are better at a noisy enviroment while the ok1 at a quiet?  
for those interested. mp4nation preorder for e11 at $65
one of the best sentences i;ve heard here!!    
how would you define "neutral" ?? and "fowarded"?
nice , very nice! gave me good info about the DBA-02
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