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x3   btw. is that the L8 cable? or just a cheap one?   cant wait to fuze it with the pk1!!!
help! i m a bit concerned about the pk's fit and design. i had a NIGHTMARE experience using the stock buds that comes with the clip+ they hurt my ears and keep falling. and  i cant tell from photos what the pk are ? i own the mx471 and k312 which have perefect fit and comfort , they almost dissapear any comparison please? i want to get the pk1 the 471 are same as the 581 also the mx470/580 seem to have a good fit and comfort  
check clieos review of the new 2 verisions. i think he mentioned one of them is quite similar to the original v1
thats nuts!
i fact, you're right, it's not the first i have my doubts after ordering. it may be the 3rdtime . but this was the first time i'm paying $100+ for earphones really thanks!
dynamic or BA ?
that worries me now. i've ordered the B2  on mp4nation. and now i wanted to get the B2 + E11 bundle. i know the B2 arent the dba-02 but i've read they're close each other. i dont mind cancelling the order and just getting the E11, but still i'm not sure. any suggestions ?   the re262 will need a good amp, and also seem to be a bit uncomfortable with that design. and the re-zero , need to use that adapter/s what a dilema!
hey clieos. how are the re0 and re-zero compared to the DBA-02 in detail and vocal detail , specially female? ... if they can even compete with them... and how about the re262? though the re's are dynamic and the dba BAs 
then the re262 is even better in that matter? but the 3 of them are dynamic, can they compete in detail with BAs ?
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