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ok then guess i'll order the 9 pairs for $7
thanks do they fit the dba-02/B2  too?  
silly question. are the fake hybrid 'legal ' ?
thank you will the fake hybrid ones work as well (so i get only mid size)? where can i get the jays' ?    
hello again people after a long wait i got my pl50!! YAY!! congrate me!! buuuutt... the thing is i tried all of the tips the s/m/l/xl silicone and s/m/l foams and in the end the best fit and seal i got with were the silicone M size. they just stay put and dont even move nor fall and i get a pretty good isolation. the s-size silicone are ok, but dont give a good seal and are a bit loose in my ears. the L are too big and fall. and finally the XL ... what is...
hey people. i'd never get this ones, but im just curious. has someone tried the skullcandy Asym? from what i heard they have bad isolation and SQ doesnt match the overp-price   (yeah, sorry for mentioning Skullcandy in )
niiiice!!! but w/mic??? no for me!
any other case/pouch that should fit the e11??. not tight as the fuze
any SQ serious difference? (sorry for my cable-wise ignorance, it's even worse than my amp knowledge )
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